Can the Arab Maghreb be Fixed?


How can the Arab Maghreb be fixed?

All of these countries are culturally and ethnically extremely close. Apart from Libya, all of them possess functioning governments.

Morocco has an extremely appealing geographical position, great relations with most of the west (including free trade agreements with the US and the EU) along with the biggest phosphate reserves in the world (which explains its position of #1 exporter). It was also the first country to have recognized the United States as an independent nation. Despite that, it is plagued by corruption, terrible education, and rising insecurity. Brain drain is also a huge problem. Life isn’t bad, but it isn’t great either, and that isn’t gonna change for a long time. There is a huge difference in life quality between the poor and the middle class.

Algeria is much better off economically, having the fourth highest GDP in Africa behind Nigeria, Egypt, and South Africa. However, most of that money doesn’t go to its people, who live similarly to Moroccans. It has one of the largest oil and gas reserves in the world, and uses that as the main backbone of its economy. The forgotten regions of Kabylie lack even the most basic necessities despite constituting 1/5th of the country’s population. Relations between Algeria and Morocco are nonexistent due to various conflicts, the biggest of which is Western Sahara (although there are other reasons, like the Sand War). The country’s closest ally (and one of its only true allies) is Russia, which provides most of Algeria’s military equipment (the country has the largest defense budget on the continent).

Mauritania is a failed country with huge mineral reserves and extremely poor people. 90% of its territory is completely desert, and it is the only country in the world to still (unofficially) practice slavery. Most cities are extremely dangerous to live in.


Libya used to have the continent’s highest GDP before it got “liberated” by the UN. Its HDI was the highest in Africa: life was as great as in Europe or the US. It is now a failed state with two governments fighting for power, along with various cities and regions controlled by Islamist militias imposing sharia law on the people. Its citizens are constantly in danger and completely demotivated by the absolute destruction of their country by the very occidental forces that claim to spread peace through the world.

The most likely reason for the destruction of Libya by the UN is Gaddafi’s plans to create a gold-backed pan-African currency in which the continent’s resources would be sold that would truly make Africans wealthy.

Tunisia is a small country compared to Morocco and Algeria, but sends the most Islamists to ISIS out of all of those. After various bombings and the events of the Arab Spring, tourism is completely dead, and unemployment is at an all-time high. The country honestly isn’t that bad politically and socially, and its citizens can be considered relatively free, but it is stuck between two major regional powers that hate each other (Morocco, Algeria) and thus has trouble standing out or holding its own in the region.