Canada: America Already is Great!


Here is a great video from our northern neighbors. I think you Trump supporters should pay attention. I know you want to “Make America Great Again” but our friends have an opinion from the outside looking in. So inspirational!


This is nothing but virtue signaling propaganda.


Wonderful video! Truly inspirational. After watching that it’s hard to believe that Canada is even a foreign country? It feels more like the US than Texas or Georgia or many other red states. And the Canadians sound more like me (I’m from IL) than people raised in the old Confederacy usually do. The Canadians are really amazing people.


You are absolutely right… it was a very good video! They talked about inventiveness, creativity and hard work. They talked about the incredible amount of resources the people of the US give personal donation. They talk about diversity and living together… integration that naturally occurs with cooperation… And you know what? did they talk about multiculturalism… Not once did they mention government… nor was there a mention of welfare or ‘free’ anything… because opportunity is, in fact, government staying to hell out of the way…

Thank You for posting such a warm inspiring video about the spirit of the people of our country and not the normal progressive mime about government…