Canada Banned Soylent



Soylent™️ is illegal in CANADA, how the funk am I going to transition now?? Trudeau is an :frog:alt-right politician how did we not notice it!? I’m legit going to throw myself off my balcony, it’s either that or moving to Trumpland to get my Soylent™️. I need your help.


What no soylent green???


Great job Trudeau! Let’s see it get banned here in the US and everywhere else.


Excuse me but WHAT THE FUCK. Banning soylent™️ does nothing but harm trans people, and without it it’s getting harder to pass. I’m forced to buy estrogen on the black market and I’m scared someone will commit a transphobic murder because of it. Go rot in hell, Trump supporter.


Excuse me , you were harmed a long time ago !!! :laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing: