Canada is going to become non-white country before the US


Canada’s white percentage fell 4% in five years, after dropping 3% in the previous five years, and Canada has twice the migration rate as the US and more than Sweden.

Canada will be more than 80% non-white in less than a century.


Doesn’t the Canadian government pay you to have children ? That along would attract the darker races . :wink:


Apparently Canadians are not white supremists and don’t care.




YEP …………:laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing:


Well Monte your up:

How any people should we allow to immigrate into the US?

10 million more?
20 million more?
If 10 million Chinese people began moving to the US would you oppose it?
20 million?

How do you address the issues of healthcare when we are short of providers?
How do you address the education issues with non english speaking people?
How do you pay for it with 21 trillion in dent?


What’s behind this irrational fear you WN’s have hmm? Are you afraid that when the minorities become the majority that they’ll visit upon the new minority what was visited upon themselves???


Ah yes nothing but crickets and opinion with no substance.