Canada Makes Using the Wrong Gender Pronoun a Hate Crime


I doubt that many of you were ever coming to vacation in or visit Canada, now you have absolutely no reason to. If you mistakenly call a fat lesbian with a butch haircut sporting the traditional lumberjack look “sir” you can get charged with a hate crime in Canada.

The USA is the last bastion of free speech on the planet earth. Please fight to preserve it and give me a heads-up when you are going to nuke Canada. I’d like to cross illegally and in exchange be a slave to the American people. I hate Canada. I emailed a US Army recruiter this morning. I can’t take it any more.


So now instead of “live and let live,” people will have to actively avoid transgender people because interacting with them at work or as friends puts you at risk of being sued if you misspeak. Progress!


If countless illegal Mexicans can do it then you should be able to as well. If they give you a hard time, cite this commercial - I don’t know if they air this in Canada. Mexicans literally try to rub this in our faces. I’d rather have Canadians.


That commercial gets under my skin every time I see it. They air it constantly during baseball games. I do think that compulsory military service should be one condition of entry for able-bodied men between the ages of 18-35 wanting to immigrate to the United States - that is if they can pass all requisite background checks. We shouldn’t just let anyone in, even if there is a compulsory service requirement.


I don’t know how old you are or your level of physical conditioning but you should also contact a USMC recruiter. I’ve served with plenty of foreigners. Most were good guys who wanted to become American citizens badly. Some were totally worthless. No different than the American citizens who serve. Most are great, some suck.

Send me a private message with your contact info and I can put you in touch with my old recruiter.


Why not stay in Canada and do everything you can to make it better?


You don’t understand. There is no fixing this place. This is considered normal. 8 year old transexual drag queens.


If your Hispanic you would be welcome with open arms

If not deportation would be immediate


Most cannot pass the test required to enlist


That video is disturbing and that clip of the mother doing his make-up. This behavior should be criminalized, not normalized.


Those silly moose hunters … :laughing: