Canada, Mexico and China Rob the US Economy Through NAFTA Loophole


Okay, slave labor, cut wages, work camps, beating bad employees, subsidizing…


Is that what we want though?


No, but that is what we compete against.


So we can’t manufacture cheaper then.


If all things are level we can match but you can not beat a cheater if you let them cheat. Perhaps all those who bitch about Americas past and slavery should refuse to own any products from slave owning nations.



Totally different, no need to go there because it is a red herring. They are not forced to work.


Apparently you haven’t heard of Angola prison in Louisiana for starters.


They do have a choice!

Some viewers of the video might be surprised to learn that inmates at Angola, once cleared by the prison doctor, can be forced to work under threat of punishment as severe as solitary confinement.

No raping or getting raped.


Have you ever been in solitary confinement. This is not really a choice. In that case, what slaves are being used in Chinese factories that make products that you and I have in our homes??


Apparently your not in tune with the ramifications of the laughable free trade we currently have today.

U.S. Trade Deficit Grew to $566 Billion in 2017, Its Widest Mark in Nine Years.

And the impact to the US???

Think they borrow money to pay the imbalance?

Probably great until out trading partners demand payment.


True, but now that the TIC is starting a trade war, products will be more expensive. :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: