Canada pays $10,500,000 to terrorist that KILL US soldier


The Canadian government is going to apologise and give millions to a former Guantanamo Bay prisoner who pleaded guilty to killing a US soldier in Afghanistan when he was 15, with Canada’s supreme court later ruling that officials had interrogated him under “oppressive circumstances”.
What a bunch of scumbags , we have Obama to thank for not letting him rot in Gitmo .


This asshole deserves a bullet in the head and not compensation!


Agreed ! This speaks volumes about liberals in Canada .


Why is Canada funding terrorism (Omar Khadr), excusing his actions as reparation for his torture? Ask Sen. McCain about torture. Rolling Stone published his torture as painful handcuffs, sitting on a bench without a back, staying in a cage 6x8 feet, and similar discomfort. This is bull.


The rest of the World does NOT care about the treatment of American soldiers , liberals remind us whites Americans are the privileged . We see the liberal media trying to portray our military as cruel , barbaric , and baby killers but rarely touch on the cruel treatment of OUR prisoners of war ! They never tell you what condition our brave solders are found , the torture they had to endure .


My hope is this terrorist piece of shit doesn’t get a dime. The widow of the soldier he killed is coming after him.



I too hope the widow get all the cash , dumbass Canadians !


Trudeau is a terrorist sympathizer and a liberal piece of s**t ! I can’t wait until they turn on him .


How can a murderer’s rights be abused? What rights does a confessed terrorist and murderer have? Shame on Canada for making millionaires out of scum of the earth.


It’s a liberal concept , you wouldn’t understand . I can’t wait until Canadian feels the wrath of there liberal dumbass ways , f-ing moose watchers !


And most Canadians will see this as good. I knew there was a good reason that I have always hated Canadians since I was a young kid.


He is a Canadian citizen who was tortured and made the alleged confession under extreme duress as a child. Torture doesn’t work and that’s why he is receiving compensation from the Canadian government. What aren’t all of you angry that the US government imprisoned and tortured a child?


an admission he says was made under duress in Guantanamo

The widow of Speer and another American soldier blinded by the grenade in Afghanistan filed a wrongful death and injury lawsuit against Khadr in 2014 fearing Khadr might get his hands on money from his $20 million wrongful imprisonment lawsuit. A US judge granted $134.2 million in damages in 2015, but the plaintiffs acknowledged then that there was little chance they would collect any of the money from Khadr because he lives in Canada.

And the reality, he was guilty convicted by US courts.


I like Canadians best when I see a group of them with their tongues stuck to metal poles ! :laughing:


So HE claims now ! He was convicted in COURT OF LAW and he entered a GUILTY plea at that time , and he KILLED an American and IS a TERRORIST , what’s left for you to UNDERSTAND ? Visit a prison an ask who is innocent and be enlightened .


I do agree with you to this extent. I have always seen the US as holding the moral high ground… The Geneva Convention was known and understood by all members of the military but the varnish started to come off of that in Vietnam when our boys got bamboo shoved under their finger nails… and now the enemy no longer wears a uniform and has an identifiable allegiance to anyone… P.S. … I don’t know you but I can almost bet that you are not the foremost expert on intelligence gathering and interrogation techniques…


Canada is much like the US with the liberals controlling the government from the major cities. The people outside the cities are much like the suburban and rural people in the cities in the US.



When you think about the regulations upon regulations meant to make us safer and protect us from everything including ourselves, one could take your revelation one step farther… they all belong in a padded solitary confinement… can’t get hurt and won’t be triggered by another inmate…