Canada To Allow Migrants To Become Mounties To Help Enforce Sharia Law


Americans, please help Canada and just nuke us. I’m not joking.


So the suspended the citizenship requirement to be a Mountie and eliminated a physical fitness test so the Mounties could help uphold Canada’s Islamic Laws…sounds like you guys need your own Trump up there. We can’t help you. Nukes are expensive, why waste one on a country that is already destroyed.



It must have been updated since May as I wasn’t able to find a quote that pertains to sharia.


@MapleLeaf where did you get the screengrab from? The story posted by @LibertarianLiberty also has the updated versions removed.


Looks like the looney Canadian dollar will be worth 15 cent on a dollar very soon . Have fun selling your crap to that group . :laughing: BYE -BYE NAFTA .


Sharia law is that were we cut off hands for stealing , and honor killing , and killing because a women may have committed adultery ? Them Mounties have there work cut out for them ! :laughing: