Canada to Lift Visa Requirements for Mexico in December 2016


Trudeau just opened a back door for Mexicans to evade the much anticipated southern border wall and for illegals to avoid deportation from the United States.

At first I was aggravated when I saw this headline, but then came to the realization that this is good. Hopefully, many of our illegals will storm across to Canada to evade deportation, which is less work for us and a cost savings. American is getting greater by the day and Trump hasn’t even been inaugurated yet.

Good luck Canada bros


Angry sobbing liberals can’t get into Canada but illegal Mexicans can. Oh this just keeps getting better and better. I’ve had a smug smile on my face and have been driving 10 under the speed limit everywhere since Wednesday morning.


Not only is this immigrant vote pandering this just proves how much of a clueless idiot Trudeau is.

Mexicans were gaming our joke of an asylum system to such an extent they forced the Conservatives to impose a visa requirement.

It got so bad Mexico was our number one source country for asylum claims for a short period. It dropped dramatically after the visa requirement was imposed.

Most of those asylum claims were bogus and the Conservatives knew it. For instance it was revealed Mexicans were using to it get a taxpayer paid vacation in Canada. They had no intention of staying.

The visa requirement was necessary because it was costing us hundreds of millions of dollars to process these bogus claims but PM idiot boy knows nothing of financial responsibility so this shouldn’t be surprising.

I want to move to America so badly. You guys have Trump, I’m stuck with this idiot, plus SJWs, plus Syrian refugees. Just annex or bomb Canada already. Please end it.


Come on over.

First suggestion, adopt the Muslim faith, your a shoe in.

Claim your a real alien from Alpha Centuri, you a shoe in.

Claim your being discriminated against, your a shoe in.

Claim people just don’t understand you and ask for a safe place, your a shoe in.

And in the end, you can take the easy route and fly to Mexico and walk across the border.