CANADA YES! M103 hate speech arrests for hurting Muslim feelings in full force


A man has been arrested by Quebec City police for allegedly making hateful comments about Muslims online.

Nicolas Thériault, 46, was arrested Friday and appeared in court Saturday to face charges of inciting hate and uttering threats.

Quebec City police (SPVQ) said they were informed about the comments, which appeared on a social media site, by the RCMP.

“In that message, there were incitements of hatred against the Muslim community,” SPVQ spokesperson Mélissa Cliche told CBC News.

What did he say? Mohammed was a pedophile? A rapist? Muslims fuck goats?


You Americans think you have your problems? We have Muslim ‘refugees’ (we all know they are no such thing), or any immigrant for that matter, who is granted full healthcare, a home, a monthly cheque from the State the very second their feet touch our soil. Our constitution guarantees this. Bullshit. Thanks to what is coming our way through Motion 103, if a Canadian even dares to to speak up against this in any form there will be very serious penalties. The US might start receiving request from political asylum from lifelong Canadian citizens!


He probably said “Merry Christmas” and because he was spreading the holiday cheer he will get 25 to 30 years inside a Canadian SJW re-education facility.


Well then why the hell do you Canadians keep electing people who are working against you? Aren’t there any conservatives up there who will put Canadian citizens ahead of invaders who don’t have skin in the game? You don’t need to come here. You need to fix your own problems.


“In that message, there were incitements of hatred against the Muslim community,” SPVQ spokesperson Mélissa Cliche told CBC News.

An investigation allowed them to identify a suspect.

Cliche would not say if the suspect was part of a larger group, or if the social media messages were posted to a forum or sent in a private message.

I’d like to see what the Canadians are going to do about Muslims who openly talk about waging jihad, killing infidels, executing gays, murdering Jews, subjugating women, or anything else that the average Muslim would talk about during the course of their brainwashed day. If the answer is nothing then the Canadian government is intentionally targeting citizens for engaging in speech that Muslims are protected to engage in.


What happens to the Muslims that talk about hating Americans and joining ISIS ?? Are they too arrested ??? :roll_eyes:


There is no fixing your homeland. It would be better if you and a few of your fellow Canadians just salted the earth - every square inch of it. You would probably encounter very little resistance because like Trudeau says, if you kill your enemies, they win.


How old is your constitution?


Can’t you research anything on you own?


What he said hasn’t been revealed. What has been revealed is that a conviction will get him up to two years in prison.


Yeah - and that’s bullshit. That’s why there is a thread on it. No one should go to jail for offending someone else or somehow managing to hurt someone’s feelings. Thankfully, this didn’t happen in the United States but with looney liberals desperate to get their hands on power again it’s only a matter of time until they start trying this shit here on Americans.


Then why did you post that he’d get 25-30 years? And if he said merry Christmas and that offended a Muslim then yeah, it’s bullshit. But you don’t know what he said. The charges simply claim that what he said was inciting hate and threatening messages.


I guess that this is a case of … If you ain’t 100% with us, you are 100% against us.