Canada's Trudeau, Ministers to Discuss Trump Plans for NAFTA



Of course renegotiate NAFTA would harm Canada and Mexico just look at the harm it has done to us . So should we continue to harm our selves ?


In addition to renegotiating NAFTA, President Trump also intends to sign an executive order pulling out of the Trans-Pacific Partnership. Oh Happy Days!


Yes lets walk away from a comprehensive 12 nation agreement to open the door for China and Russia to step in and build relationships to take our place in the region.


why…it will be 1929 again before you know it!!!


@SteveSPHR - If you are so concerned then I recommend that you invest in gold and silver instead of worthless paper money printed by an illegitimate central bank. I’d also like to share with you that President Trump has clearly taken some inspiration from former-President Obama…the use of Executive Orders.


Gold and silver are for bomb shelter types.

now if Trump does negotiate better deals that is GREAT.

But if he doesn’t and on top of that we lose the deals we had you can kiss 31,000 auto jobs that exist because of NAFTA goodbye. Have fun explaining that to the workers.

That is the concern @Sarah we don’t just get jobs thru exports, we get jobs thru distribution of imports, engineering of machinery used to make some imports, manufacture of said machinery sent to make imports.

Trade deals have a lot of moving parts, its not just about exporting more than the next guy.

Now if Trump can get a better deal than exists today…that would be Great!


This was all I needed to read. They all secretly want the destruction of America. I can’t try to understand the positions of Trump supporters any longer. There is no logic or intellect applied to the things they support. They don’t want reasonable debate, just the destruction of America. They will soon have it. You should all be proud, you have destroyed one of the greatest experiments in governance that the world has ever seen.


sad but true, my friend.

the spite is just baffling…


In the real world, actions related to treaty commitments, either bringing them into force or bringing them to an end, require months, often years, of staff level discussions before the heads of state are brought together to do the deal. The likelihood that the PM of Canada and the President of Mexico are going to sit down with Super Negotiator Trump and cut a deal this year is nil. They just will not play by his rules. So, if Trump wants instantaneous action, he is left with withdrawal and all its nasty consequences.


Trudeau can sell his crap to the refugees from the seven terrorist Countries he is wants living in Canada . .