Canadian College Students Asked: Trump or Clinton?


It’s a shame for Hillary Clinton that she is not running for office in Canada. She would win in a landslide. You got your typical answers “oh, she’s a woman” and "oh, she’s better than Trump. Some of the response are pretty interesting though.


Did you expect a bunch of Canadian college kids to know the particulars? Have you ever talked to an American college kid? Outside of the United States it’s a question that shouldn’t even be asked. Who cares of they support Hillary. Did we learn something new? No. They elected Justin Trudeau who makes Bernie Sanders look like McCarthy.


I’ve been on a retreat for several weeks guys and I’m glad to see that all of the data still shows that Hillary supporters are the most intelligent and most well informed of all voters. Despite being in Canada, this is a good indication of educated men and women, young and old, voting for Hillary.


The Marxism is strong here. The youth have largely wasted the best years of their lives being conditioned to vacantly parrot politically correct dialect and be unable of critical thinking or educating themselves independently. The average young Canadian’s moral fiber as well as general knowledge of language, history, and politics is abysmal. A good civil war would straighten things out.


Indeed all the inner city people in the US have PHD’s and master degrees.

I saw that clearly when the Ferguson videos were played endlessly.


And then the next question, why would anyone care what a Canadian in Toronto thinks?

Philip Cross, Special to Financial Post | July 19, 2016 12:27 PM ET

Toronto is now well established as the bastion of left-wing politics in Canada. Provincially, the six million people in the GTA elected only one Conservative in the last election, while federally, Conservatives were swept clean, their support in some downtown ridings in single digits. Toronto’s supply of left-wing ideas is so voluminous it exports lunacy such as the Leap manifesto, making Toronto an arms depot in the war against fossil fuels. Faith in the goodness and expertise of the public sector is being shipped wholesale from Queen’s Park to Parliament Hill as Kathleen Wynne’s ideological stormtroopers move to the frontlines of policy-making in Justin Trudeau’s new government.

A basic tenet of Toronto liberalism is that all problems can be addressed by the public sector with the proper mix of data, analysis and bureaucratic oversight. Problems are not given market solutions nor time to resolve themselves; they always require government intervention. Business is regarded as cynically greedy, while the saintly public service is above self-interest, despite conspicuously soaring salaries and benefits. Liberalism is relentlessly prescriptive in telling people how to think and behave, all in the name of freedom and justice. Individual actions are divorced from consequences; moral hazard does not exist for liberals.


If this social justice mania keeps up, America will end up mimicking the trends seen in Canada. What worries me us the already negative view of the public sector and the increasing belief that politicians in Washington signs every waking moment concerning themselves with the light of the little people. Nothing could be further from the truth. If anything, the political views captured in Toronto are a sign of what’s to come.