Canadian Nationalist Party


It has come to my attention that a fairly new political party, (the Canadian Nationalist Party), is forming under the leadership of Travis Patron. The CNP supposedly will be fully registered with Elections Canada, and be on the ballot very soon for 2019.

Website and party statements:

A vote of non-confidence in our current Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, resulting in impeachment of duty.

A reformation of family court laws.

In 1971, 97% of Canada’s population was of European ethnicity. In 2017, that number now stands at a diminished 64%. Therefore, we demand this demographic change, an agenda put forth by Pierre Trudeau and accelerated by Justin Trudeau, be discontinued.

The immediate abolishment of all laws designed to limit the freedom of expression and the constructive criticism of religion.

The abolishment of our first-past-the-post electoral system.

An internal review of the publicly-owned Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC).

The abolishment of minimum wage and a fair working price be determined exclusively by the labourer and employer.

The discontinuation of personal income taxation and the introduction of a nation-wide harmonized sales tax (HST).

An abolishment of the Indian Act.

An abolishment of the federal carbon tax.

A repeal of the employment equity act.

An amendment of our Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, removing its stance of multiculturalism.

The right to private property, and the right to defend that property, be reinstated immediately.

A substantial increase in tax credits for child bearing families.

A return to sound money – under the lawful dominion of the Canadian people and not subject to excess inflation or foreign ownership.

A withdrawal from all trans-national legal agreements which undermine the sovereign independence of Canada.

The reestablishment of our national borders with enforcement patrol services, resulting in the deportation of illegal border-crossings.

Our citizenship requirements be returned to founding criteria, resulting in the immediate deportation of citizenship-holding convicted terrorists.

The formation of a national citizen militia specifically for the purposes of self-defense.

The mutiny of current authority by all police enforcement/military personnel and subsequent support for this program.

In order to carry out this program, we demand the creation of a strong central authority in the State with the unconditional authority of parliament on the grounds they be willing to execute this program.

Their facebook page:

What does everyone think?


Good luck up there leaf.

Canada is a sad case. Our brothers to the north are falling. Canada will be the first post national nation. Your country is dying. Perfect example, when that dude was arrested for walking his dog too close to Muslims after being attacked by the Muslims.

It’s insane.


We also are in need of a new party representing American citizens.


Actually Trump and Bannon and a few financiers could lead that charge. Trump has the issues that touch people but he is as inept as they come at using the bully pulpit effectively… This was seen over the Charlottesville deal. He could have taken this issue and made serious strides in ridding the country of racism… Trump rallying the base and those who were hopeful for his success… Bannon and Mercer building an organization of candidates in every race in this country…

With respect to Canada… I think that a significant number of them are starting to realize first hand what sovereignty and a secure border mean…


There is still plenty of time for Trump to turn the ship. It’s unrealistic to expect him to undo 8 years of bitter racial division created by Obama. As for Canada, let them enjoy the multiculturalism that their politicians have been demanding. They don’t have nearly as many illegals as we do and they are already starting to get pissed.


Well he is running out of linebackers for his charge and with his own party against him, I don’t see, beyond what he can do strictly within the executive, that he will have much success. Having said that, congress is an interesting piece of the swamp. The republican party stand to loose considerable ground in 2018 if they seem to be stonewalling but then again, this looks very much like a test of wills between the establishment and the half of the population that sees the gravity of the situation with respect to our government… Left, Right and Center of the voting public should understand… at present our votes don’t count for much…


Im rooting for this party and its success. As much as i would like to see liberal policies in Canada backfires, extreme incidents and examples in Europe dont even sway people into facing realities anymore. Sweden can burn, yes, but Canada is a bit too close to home.