Canadians Waking Up: Angry Parents Rip Up Quran During Peel School Board Meeting in Ontario


Outraged Canadian parents shouted and ripped up a Quran during a school board meeting as Canadian politics shift towards accommodating Islam over all. The parents were having none of it.

It happened at the Peel School Board Meeting where the outraged parents expressed anger of Islamic prayers in schools.


Before the jobless lefties here wake up these are the key points to remember:

  • There is no ‘moderate’ Quran
  • There is no ‘radical’ Quran
  • There is only THE Quran
  • And if you are not a Muslim
  • It absolutely HATES you


Sounds like Trudeau’s days are numbered and another backlash is on the rise…


Wow! I didn’t know that Canadians could get that angry. It looks like from the video the most angry people were Indians - maybe their fellow Canadians should listen to them since India does share a border with Pakistan and they have had to deal with radical Islam for decades.


This is what happens when the government refuses to listen to the people. If you want to know who is in control look to the groups you aren’t allowed to criticize.


What I want to know is how Islam strengthened like this in the years after 9/11.


Islam is no stronger than it was in the past. That is not the issue.

We’ve just become disgustingly weak. Morally, mentally and culturally.


It’s called politicians being politically correct.
When people have enough the results are like the last election.


Yes the Left did a good job of demolishing our moral certitudes and gave us nothing to replace it with.
A lot of smug smirks and mockery if anyone even stands up for family values these days, let alone cultural identity.


And it’s always been extremely violent and incompatible with every single culture (including its own). Most people just started to pay attention.