Candidate in Georgia runs on deportation bus


I wish this guy the best.


He won’t win. Betcha!


Liberals are melting down about this and calling it hate speech. Political opinion on immigration is “hate speech.” Yet the non-stop demonization of Donald Trump is not hate speech. :thinking:


I don’t understand the controversy. Follow the law. Deport illegals. How can supporting the law be considered controversial by any citizen?


Yep , laws can be very hateful . :roll_eyes:


More "Selective Criticism " from the :rofl:left. There only concern is pampering illegals.


That’s how they garner their votes.


He should be in Southern COMMIEFORNIA. It would fill up fast. Unfortunately, Governor Moonbeam and the Leftists would find a way to get him out of the election. :clock10::grin:


Oh there is a slightly more extreme version of Michael Williams in commirfornia alright