Cape Town faces Day Zero: what happens when the city turns off the taps?


OP: Africa’s deteriorating infrastructure > exchanging its natural resources for China to build new ones

Illiterate Bernie bot: Look at China building speed trains.

Try to keep up.


Did you even read the op? Be careful, the op poster will call you names as that’s all he’s got.


Passive aggressive much, illiterate Bernie bot :rofl:. Maybe if you could stay on topic for once and offer something substantial to the conversation, Ill change my mind.


STOP :stop_sign:! @Claire doesn’t want you talking about China in a thread about water in South Africa. :joy:


Maybe China should import all of the Cape Town residents so they can fill up all of their ghost cities, drink the polluted water of the Yangtze, and breath their wonderfully pure air.

Yeah, let’s encourage the Chinese to build a bullet choo choo from Cape Town to Benghazi.


The way American streams and air was when manufacturing was here. Now the TIC wants to bring manufacturing back while slashing regulations that safeguard against that. MAGA. :roll_eyes:


Very progressive.


And I am sure you have stopped buying your Iphones and products created to make your quality of life as good or better than your neighbors… As long as you get yours and you can push the more ambitious amongst us to pay for those that can’t keep up with your global vision, life is good … huh?


With the proper regulations in place, manufacturing can be pursued while keeping our environment safe for humanity. But when you lack any concern for the environment as the TIC does, then you attack the very agency charged with protecting the environment. What you do is you appoint a man to run the agency that hates the agency. Put a fox at the hen house door. That’s the TIC for you.


Therein however lies the rub… Some people think that you can never have enough regulation… and some people believe using agencies to invent law is much easier than having congress do its job… Some people, depending on the issue see no limit in the amount of government we need to protect us from ourselves… they aren’t particularly concerned about how we protect our selves from the always benevolent government…


Theren lies the function. Regulators/producers.

Without producers there are no regulators.

Regulators misplace this basic law of commerce.