Carbohydrates are Killing Us - New Science

Ever notice how the “science” is always changing?

In the 90s, fat was the problem. But then it wasn’t.

Then it was cholesterol. Oh wait, only a type of cholesterol. Oh wait, not that now.

Then it was sugar. Oh wait, the problem is actually High Fructose Corn Syrup. Oh wait, it’s just fructose now. Oh wait, not that that, either.

Then it was red meat. Oh wait, it’s just corn-fed, non-organically harvested red meat. Oh wait, not that!

Then it was gluten, and wheat, and pesticides, and…

This goes on and on and on with every food you can imagine. Corn, peanuts, milk - every month there is something you shouldn’t be eating.

Other than people with legitimate allergies or celiac, I call BS. All this “discovery” is just a way for food manufacturers to sway you into lining their pockets.

Also, the food industry is poisoning the food on purpose for profit. That’s just a guess, but makes sense.

Maybe people should just stop eating, period.


The vegan lobby is destroying human health across the globe and still has the gall to say that it’s eating meat doing it.

Science is always changing. I thought science was supposed to state irrefutable facts, but they just have scientists state opinions now & call it facts. The “Progressive Science”, not actual science. This is why I’m skeptical when any idiot that is labeled a scientist says something. No study, no peer-reviewed journal, data, or any statistics? Well, then it’s bullshit, not science.

Everything can kill you. Just exercise and watch how much you eat. The key is not to eat too much.

I love this. This is exactly why climate change is false. They can’t even fucking figure food out but you’re gonna tell me we are all dead in 12 years. GTFO with that shit.

I don’t trust outdated media owned by globalists. Like every other poster here I’ve been around long enough to see the ever changing list.

I quit listening to these studies a long time ago. When I was a kid it was eggs and butter that were going to kill me. Then it was salt which has now been debunked. Most science continues to prove it is unresolved.

What a bunch of BS. Fatty foods do cause heart disease. Cholesterol clogs up our arteries because we’re not well designed for a heavy animal product diet. Carnivores don’t get heart disease from the shit we eat, but herbivores will, which is what our digestive systems more closely resemble. These pseudo science keto diet practitioners all seem to have high cholesterol and die of heart disease routinely.

Modern research almost always begins with an objective and the financial rewards almost always follow when the objective is reached. Modern research also relies on mathematical modeling. Most honest mathematicians will tell you they can prove anything mathematically. So, most research fulfills the objective of the party funding it.

Bacon and everything goes!