Central Michigan University Shooting - Black Shooter


Watch this story get buried fast. There won’t be a demand for gun control because of it and the narrative will shift back to “white male shooters” at schools. Just watch. Now that it’s known that the shooter is black…this will get memoryholed.


Black guy tried to shoot up a school. Can’t even do that right. Also…Michigan. This is gang or drug related. The media was all over this but now they are talking about Kushner and the SEC. I guess (((they))) shut it down.


I thought this was a daily occurrence in Michigan?


Wait for it…the gun accidentally went off in his back pack. He dindu nuffin.


Here’s the suspect before he was at large. Dude got all pissed and went on a rampage because the university cut his funding. He was about to make a major breakthrough on a new type of peanut butter.


Not since 1 million people let Detroit.

Perhaps your thinking about Chicago.


I guess he didn’t actually posess the weapon like Kate Stenles killer.