Charlottesville: Domestic Terrorism


I guarantee you a big portion of the neo-nazis (by that I mean people who carried the nazi flag) were controlled opposition designed to make the #UniteTheRight rally look bad.


So the fake news media incites antifas into attacking right-wingers for over two years straight, then everyone acts shocked when some kid runs a bunch of them over in a rush to get away before they pull him out of his car and beat him to death.

You created this storm, lefties. REAP. THE. WHIRLWIND.


This is my president and I’m feeling better just hearing from him.


Uhm, did you miss that election thing, and the inauguration thing? Trump is your president, he is, unless you now live in Zimbabwe or some other country than the US. Laudable sentiments from the guy who sic’ed the DOJ first on George Zimmerman, then on a police officer in Ferguson, and comforted the mothers of the dead thugs.

People think White Nationalism grew out from some magic vine in some hillbilly’s trailer yard- it didn’t; it arose from the realization that if you are White and working class you are despised by the left, and if you are White and middle/upper middle/well off - you are only slightly less despised.

I was stunned at how many tiki torches there were in the pictures- I expected some raggedy handful of loons showing up in rusted out Chevys. The movement is growing, and the surest way to make it grow more is to try to physically suppress it.

Americans don’t take tyranny very well, and today was the sort of thing that can happen at the extreme of that.


Everyone thinks this is all on the alt-right. It’s not. The ACLU confirmed that police were told to stand down and await further orders from hateful VA Governor after driving Alt-Right protesters from their lawfully permitted location into throngs of Antifa who were obviously out for blood - the Alt-Right protesters were forced to walk miles in heat to escape their feral pursuers.


You are right - one of us should have done a live thread or something. I guess everyone was just waiting on everyone else to start. Creating meaningful threads - with links and photos - takes some work. Work that you clearly were not willing to put in yourself - but no matter. We are discussing now.

Here is what we know today:

Headlines everywhere are still screaming that 1 killed at white supremacists violent rally.

A) rally was licensed
B) crawling with police
C) No VIOLENCE until
D) Antifa / BLM unlicensed protest appears and police disappear.

If James Alex Fields Jr. is charged then the governor, mayor and chief of police need to be charged as complicit.

And if you weren’t aware @medixon the blacks and their antifa scum were attacking.



The good thing about what happened yesterday is that the pus-filled boil is REALLY out in the open, and you have to be willfully blind not to see what’s going on in this country. Shit like this has been festering in various pockets of resentment for decades, and it feeds of the casual disengagement of the average citizen.


Well - I have been scrounging up research on this because this stinks like a false flag. Why feed the bullshit MSM narrative before we can put our own research of ACTUAL facts together. The “driver” they have identified was not the actual driver. Oh, and why is the mother of the driver all of a sudden speaking out now? The AP interview with “mommy” gave this entire false flag operation away. When the fuck have they EVER interviewed family of anyone else right after an incident like this?

Deep State James Field was the real driver not this soft 20 year old momma’s boy.


Get educated @medixon - stop drinking the MSM Kool-Aid - this was set-up and that pedophile looking Soros-funded VA Governor, Terry McAuliffe is primarily responsible - he ordered a police stand down. Add in the fact that Antifa has been 'recruiting" rioters for the past year for the summer offensive. Its a set-up for the leftist media.


The left’s fake media VA Governor set a trap for Unite the Right (UTR). The police threw rule of law in the gutter and assisted antifa and BLM, stood aside after leading the UTR people single file thru a fence right into Soros’ bussed in mob who were armed with bats, urine, frozen water bottles, pepper spray.


The rabbit hole deepens. And please dont get me started on the black helicopter.


Well… Having been on here for several months you decided to have a one line voice… A proud democrat you say… whatever that means. You say you don’t post on here because all that posts here are democrat bashers. Well, as many people will attest, there are democrats on here that give as good as they get… sometimes they have extremely valid points, I just do not agree with their solutions and tell them so… if that is bashing, then you are a snowflake. You will also find on here a good many people who have an opinion (everyone is entitled to one you know) who were not only bashed but were banished from other forums because their tolerance to opposing opinion was nil.

Your post, however brief and accusatory is relevant on many levels. It sets the rhetoric that has been building in this country… well for a couple of centuries. Seems like every 50 – 60 years or so, this country goes through a realization… a wakening if you will. For all their faults, the founders worked to create a situation where a ‘more perfect union’ could, with some sensible discussion, be realized. But alas, there are the same three factions today that existed then. Some didn’t even want a country… they were quite happy being under the rule and thumb of King George. Others wanted an authoritarian country… a replacement for King George in the name of a president… still others wanted a country where people could run their own lives and affairs in their pursuit of happiness… where the government would not interfere with you if you didn’t attempt to do harm to your neighbour our undermine the Union; a government that was there to enforce contracts between willing parties. Compromises were made in the formation of our nation for sure… of course there was a realization that the nation could not destroy the only income producing part of the country (the south)… Alexander Hamilton’s ‘strong federal’ wasn’t about being big, it was about being able to extract the revenue required to do what the constitution authorized and demanded that it did. Abolition was indeed a feature of the evolving union, but it was by no means THE feature.

Some say simplistically that the Civil War was fought over slavery. Unfortunately, there is no “simple” reason. The causes of the war were a complex series of events, including slavery, that began long before the first shot was fired. Competing nationalisms, political turmoil, the definition of freedom, the preservation of the Union, the fate of slavery and the structure of our society and economy could all be listed as significant contributing factors in America’s bloodiest conflict.

These same people hail Lincoln as the great emancipator. But of political expedience he really had no strong interest in compelling the south away from slavery… He was very concerned about the loss of revenue and the heavy tariff lost by a secessionist south that precipitated the first shots at fort Sumter. Part of the rhetoric was one that reoccurs in our nation’s history… ‘Nullification’… Most recently spoken in states like California those have recently had an epiphany over states rights.

Arguing that various angles of the Civil War are endless but suffice to say that it resulted in the 13th 14th and 15th amendments. The 14th by me was an oversight of the original framers but that is just my opinion. In 1896 a Supreme Court decision by way of Plessy v Ferguson upended the constitution thus allowing government… all government to discriminate based on race… If you think that this provision was only a feature of the south, you haven’t read any comprehensive history of its affects.

Some 60 years later the Supreme Court came to its constitutional senses and struck down Plessy with Brown v Board of Education. 10 short years later after blacks had won considerable amount of mobility and service through picketing and boycotts, the authoritarian nature of government raised its unconstitutional head again in the enactment of two provisions of the 1964 Civil rights act and the redefinition of what constituted a ‘Public Accommodation’. Many on this forum don’t know of Lester Maddox. A white restaurateur who had a white only business; originally started as a backyard affair for his friends it grew into a business to serve his friends. He hired blacks and so, while he was most certainly a segregationist in the way he ran his business and who it catered to, he wasn’t necessarily a racist. The 1964 civil rights act forced him to serve blacks. Rather than sucome to the notion that the state could force him to do business with people he did not want to do business with, he closed his restaurant… but not before Mr. Maddox erected a monument in front of the building to mourn the ‘‘death of private property rights in America.’’

This of course was seen as a racist move rather than a principle of constitutional law and indeed a function of states’ rights rather than federal power. Of course all of the Democrats that changed party to Republican based on that premise were also painted by histories more flamboyant leftists was because they were racist and just like the rewritten history of the civil war not because their were constitutional and states’ rights involved. Later Lester Maddox ran for Governor and won… he surprised many whites and blacks alike because he hired many blacks into his administration and for his policies for prisoner early release and rehabilitation. He understood what it meant for government to be equal to everyone… but also that people’s pursuit of happiness was not a function of government law but a basic premise of the constitution.

He unsuccessfully ran for president in 1976 as an independent because he saw that same manner of authoritarianism in the Republican Party as he did in the Democratic Party. Of course the party of divisiveness… the party that only maintains its vote power based on creating division could never allow the actual politics of Lester Maddox to go untarnished.

So… here we are… full circle. A constitution that says everyone has the right to pursue happiness in their own way as long as they don’t inflict it on others… Implicit in that is someone’s ability to work for and sell products under mutual agreement with anyone they choose. Now we have women who want women’s only facilities… blacks that what black owned and operated business that want to do business only with other black companies… colleges who want the right to pick and choose based on race… And of course companies like Google who desire to hire and fire based on a persons political views… imagine that. The very thing Lester Maddox fought for… not just for himself but for every American.

As to what happened in Charlottesville. A statue of a predominant civil war general in our national history. It seems imperative to some that this very real history of our nation be erased… I’ve said before that it reminds me very much of the Taliban and ISIS destroying ancient monuments, just because they don’t like the history. Understand, some people don’t see the history of the Civil war quite the way you do… understand that when the first shot was fired, the constitution still said what it said.

Anyway, a group of people on the right … and it is important to understand that it was not all racists or white supremacists or nationalist… it was a lot of different people protesting the demolition of our nation’s history to suit a group of … snowflakes and activists. Some of these activists don’t even like the sovereign nation of the United States of America… and almost none of them have any reverence for our flag or the constitution. This group of ‘right leaning’ people got a permit to carry out a lawful protest… Let me repeat that so that you clearly understand… THEY HAD A LAWFULLY ISSUED PERMIT. But what is the law to a SJW and a Governor who licks their boots? As far as the driver of that car goes… He is down with one count of murder. As far as I am concerned, they could add a charge of attempted murder (X) times the number of people on that street… But do not believe that I side with your club wielding groups that attacks someone who had a permit to demonstrate (you know, that silly little 1st amendment thing) for expressing a political opinion different than yours.

People are right however, Trumps message was not nearly strong enough… I think he should sic the justice department on ANY group that violently takes to the streets… If you believe in ending discrimination and racism… Today is the day to take a sledgehammer to every group that acts that way… whites, blacks, browns and greens… yes the greens get particularly violent when they don’t get what they want.

It’s been 60 years since the last hideous race laws graced this nation… perhaps like Plessy, its antithesis should be put to rest and get the damn government out of peoples personal relationships.


The left never apologizes for their violent extremists or disavows them. They never alter their strategy or back down because of them. Neither will we


The consensus focus is on the result (the violence) … but little is said of the cause. I wonder, does the Charlottesville City Council now still believe removing a Confederate statue and changing a park’s name is worth this result? Maybe this will cause them to hesitate next time. Revising the truth of history is a lie.


The MSM won’t be able to hide that this was poorly executed PSYOP. I’m having a difficult time finding people who aren’t talking about how blatant this whole thing actually was.


I don’t dive too deep into conspiracy theory – but the photos of the driver in the vehicle along with the tactical execution of the vehicular maneuver has operator written all over it. A young kid who was not trained would not have been able to control the vehicle with that level of precision. What was captured on video is much more difficult to execute than people think - especially with adrenaline pumping.


Good analysis. Notice when the vehicle is about to back up BLM had already swarmed it with bats. There is no way the driver could have seen what was behind him clearly or on either side. Yet he managed to reverse the vehicle out very quickly and at a high rate of speed. Backing up at high speed is not easy especially on a narrow street with lots of parked cars and visual obstacles.


I haven’t looked into it much. I have found out it really doesn’t give you the real picture and sets you up for “influence and indoctrination”. Better to wait until the “facts” are in and then make a determination.
Reading this thread and listening to a couple videos on it, I think it is clear that this was a “false flag/set-up”. It seems like everything was done for something to fester…
I am liking Lionel Nation more and more everyday. I just found out about him a few weeks ago. I respect his opinion, maybe because it’s always seems to be mine… At least 95% of the time. He is open minded…
Listen to his view on it, you won’t regret the 20 min.


I don’t always agree with Lionel but I do enjoy listening to his perspective as his approach is logic based mixed with a good degree of humor and sarcasm.


Yeah…and why use brakes if you are trying to kill people