Charlottesville: Domestic Terrorism


The MSM won’t be able to hide that this was poorly executed PSYOP. I’m having a difficult time finding people who aren’t talking about how blatant this whole thing actually was.


I don’t dive too deep into conspiracy theory – but the photos of the driver in the vehicle along with the tactical execution of the vehicular maneuver has operator written all over it. A young kid who was not trained would not have been able to control the vehicle with that level of precision. What was captured on video is much more difficult to execute than people think - especially with adrenaline pumping.


Good analysis. Notice when the vehicle is about to back up BLM had already swarmed it with bats. There is no way the driver could have seen what was behind him clearly or on either side. Yet he managed to reverse the vehicle out very quickly and at a high rate of speed. Backing up at high speed is not easy especially on a narrow street with lots of parked cars and visual obstacles.


I haven’t looked into it much. I have found out it really doesn’t give you the real picture and sets you up for “influence and indoctrination”. Better to wait until the “facts” are in and then make a determination.
Reading this thread and listening to a couple videos on it, I think it is clear that this was a “false flag/set-up”. It seems like everything was done for something to fester…
I am liking Lionel Nation more and more everyday. I just found out about him a few weeks ago. I respect his opinion, maybe because it’s always seems to be mine… At least 95% of the time. He is open minded…
Listen to his view on it, you won’t regret the 20 min.


I don’t always agree with Lionel but I do enjoy listening to his perspective as his approach is logic based mixed with a good degree of humor and sarcasm.


Yeah…and why use brakes if you are trying to kill people


Here is the Vice Mayor of Charlottesville. Celebrated, welcomed, applauded…but never called what he truly is, a BLM supporting black supremacist We Wuz Kangz racist.


YOUR stinking president cause all the racial divide !!! :roll_eyes:


If whites decide to rally or protest the violent left is there to cause harm , not so much when blacks rally or protest WHY ?


I will most certainly agree with your statement… but I doubt we concur on the cause…


"If they bring a knife to the fight, we bring a gun,” Barry Soetoro.


“I want you to get up in their faces”, Obama


From what I saw, the original permit was for 400 people at Emancipation park on August 12 at noon. But the organizers (Jason Kessler et al) quickly saw that it was going to be bigger than that, especially as big names in the movement signed on to speak. The original permit was revoked by the city and re-issued for the demonstration to be at another park outside of the city center - better able to handle the larger crowds. It’s pretty clear that the the event organizers had no intention of following the the permit as issued.

SPLC has it covered here…


She’s right, as usual.



My goodness, your president???

Your retired president perhaps.


That’s the spirit, that’s the hate we have all come to expect from the leftonistas.


The vast majority of people in the United States have no interest whatsoever in street battles between the alt-right (better described today in more poignant terms) and the counter-protesters (the alt left). Most people have normal problems like paying bills, dealing with kids, getting health care, keeping life together under all the usual strains, and mostly want these weird people to go away.

The right now has the same violent ideas as the left. Don’t deny it on the left as Berkley wasn’t that long ago.

And yes, instead of over reacting how about taking a deep breath and wait until the rest of the story comes out. It will be difficult as the MSM will not report the facts if they are contrary to the over reaction so far.


It’s easy to point sanctimoniously and throw invective at the alt right movement. It requires courage to risk censure and question why it exists at all.

Why would otherwise rational people join a group that openly hates other races (White Supremacists, BLM, La Raza)?

Why would people be willing to injure or even kill those with other beliefs?

Why would people be willing to make excuses for those who do so, or even advocate violence as long as it is against the ‘other side’?

How does one go from being a rational human to belonging to an extremist group?

That harder question will never be asked by liberals because as Noam Chomsky said (and Rorschark test of the day James Damore quoted) “the smart way to keep people passive and obedient is to strictly limit the spectrum of acceptable opinion, but allow very lively debate within that spectrum.”

That is why the questions consist of “why are White people racist?” and “Why are the alt. right fans of the GOP, and not the Dems?” Inferior questions share common traits- they are virtue signals; they are easily answered, and they pose no risk for the questioner. Oh and one last trait- they offer no new, or significant insight.


But as I understand it a judge denied the last minute change of venue… You know about judges denying public officials the right to carry out some public policy now don’t you… and you expect that public official to adhere to the a;mighty ruling, now don’t you?

But at the end of the day, a rally/demonstration/protest (whatever you what to call it) in Emancipation Park have been applied for and received by one group… I don’t think the people who actually showed up to ‘confront’ them had any such permit… Who told the police to stand down?

and you are using SPLC as some kind of journalistic authority… The should be classed as an extremist hate group themselves…

But just to be fair, the article actually didn’t cover what happened, it was just more nonobjective BS about everything bad about the right… of course to be fair they couldn’t have known that the left would have shown up with coke cans filled with concrete so reporting on the hate and violence that they have shown all over the country wouldn’t have been in keeping with the article. Well… actually it would because you know and I know that permit or not, the left will be their to cause trouble no matter what…

I wonder how this alt-right terrorist got elected twice… I wonder why no outrage at this campaign badge???



I can easily imagine the plan was to hope that the counter-protesters did something unruly or violent in response to the Nazi display, and then use it to further this talking point that “the left are the violent ones, the right was just exercising free speech”. This is consistent with the “Presidential statement” in the aftermath. I bet they regret the vehicular homicide, but not because of the death of a peaceful attendee, but because it ruined the message that the left are the violent ones. See NRA’s recent messaging.