Charlottesville: Domestic Terrorism


So, Brennan Gilmore just happens to be in the right place in the right time to film the Charlottesville hit and run then speaks to the media about the “nazi racists” attacking the “peaceful demonstrators” as “domestic terrorism”. Turns out this “anti-racist” was previously a CIA spook under State Dept cover running Special Ops to suppress native uprisings in Central Africa (aka KONY 2012). Knew there was something off about this clown:

The deputy chief of mission is Brennan M. Gilmore.

The DCM has broad executive responsibilities. He supervises the reporting agenda assigned to the first-tour political/economic/consular officer. The officer meets weekly with the DCM and usually the Ambassador as well. The DCM is responsible primarily for military affairs, which include the U.S. Special Forces deployment to the eastern Central African Republic and a rotational U.S. Africa Command liaison officer position


So a “former” CIA/State Department guy just happens to be positioned to film the entire event perfectly. Smells like bullshit to me. Did you also see the license plate issue now? When they interviewed the mother of Fields, whose last name is Bloom — “Fields Bloom” — they did the interview with her sitting next to her car? WTF is that about. Anyway, the Challenger’s plate (GVF 1111) was originally registered to Jerome Vangheluwe. James Alex Fields bought the car from Vangheluwe, yet kept the old plate that belonged to the previous owner? Any state I have ever lived in - the plates must be surrendered when the vehicle is sold. I never knew this was even possible, but okay - let’s pretend that is normal - how is it that Bloom’s vehicle had tags (GVF 1122) similar to the tags that were supposedly registered to someone else (Vangheluwe) but stayed with the vehicle and the new owner (Fields)?


That - and the fact that it’s not even the same car.

Also - crisis actors were confirmed to have been hired in Charlotte and transported.


Charlottesville is proof that White Genocide is happening and that we have no right to protest our grievances. They forget that whites are still the majority in this country. We have massive power in numbers. The far left wants us replaced or destroyed. All we need to do is unify and fight back.


The fact is, neither the extreme left or the extreme right are representative of any significant constituencies in American politics. They do not wield actual power, but they have realized a way to exert out-sized influence through the instigation of publicly staged violence.

Both got their wish, publicity.

The right will win as the eft media extolls the rights infractions while ignoring the left and their infractions.

See, CT the left is no better than the right, both extremist groups, both representing a fringe of our population.


OK… Lets for one moment assume that the driver of that car was an irrational wing nut that just happened to throw himself into the middle of a ‘peaceful’ counter demonstration. This of course is tempered in my mind because of a lot of seemingly unrelated facts that raise an eyebrow to the entire scene… from the driver and the car to what almost looks like a choreographed filming by a rather dubious character… paid actors… etc.

Anyway, that aside… lets just say that he was indeed a fly in the ointment of the demonstrators on the right. So they procured a license to protest around a monument in emancipation park… As I have said previously, the Civil War can mean many things to different people and the eradication of history by the American Taliban grates some the wrong way. Anyway, from what you are saying is that their sole intent was to deliberately draw a violent hate filled group of counter protesters, allow themselves to be attacked and claim innocent victimhood… Is that about right?

So… the question I have to ask myself is why would a group feel that they would draw a crowd of counter protesters who would voluntarily become the violent mob that they hoped for? How could they have assumed that?

Could it be that they (the far right _____ fill in the blank name) expected that (the peaceful, Constitution loving, all American counter protesters) brought with them the signs and placards voicing their disapproval of this or that while singing kumbaya or have already ready shown themselves to be the lawless thugs that they are by having ambushed cops, burnt campuses, beat people with bike locks, blocked highways and destroyed city centers previously… They knew with some certainly that they would come to do what they always do?

Now… I would like you to look a little gif clip in this post above… I want you to try and count the number of helmeted, weapon wielding ‘peaceful protesters’ that descend on that car… WITH IN SECONDS… Now from what I understand this was but one small area of activity carried out by BLM, ANTIFA and other… peaceful groups… now either all the violent ones were congregated at this very spot… or your friendly counter protestors we armed… numerous and widespread.

and I wouldn’t think that a peaceful protester comes with homemade flamethrowers:

Would you?

But the point I would really like to make to you is this. We should all have the right and the ability to stand on a soap box in the public square and voice our options unless they directly call for actions that would harm others… let me restate that one word ‘DIRECTLY’. If we don’t have that ability in this country for anyone to voice a legitimate gripe, whether you agree or not… we no longer have a constitutional republic. And I would have to say, the ones who are preventing someone from speaking are the real problem here…

And… to your original question I must ask… if I am a cute young lady in a mini skirt and I get raped… whos fault is it?


The vast majority of people in the United States have no interest whatsoever in street battles between the alt-right (better described today in more poignant terms) and the counter-protesters (the alt left). Most people have normal problems like paying bills, dealing with kids, getting health care, keeping life together under all the usual strains, and mostly want these weird people to go away.

Unlike you who thrives on the extremism of the right while ignoring the extremism of the left continues to fuel the hatred of the extreme right and left.


I am sure because of the lefts response to Trumps first comments about Charlottesville that they did not understand that he was talking about ALL racists… and the includes ALL Races. The days of creating a distorted definition of racism where only white people can be racist are over… You want racism to end in America, get ready to have a talk with the FBI when they come to talk folks like BLM and the New Black Panthers… Trump was quite clear… its just that the left are so insulated in the idea that only a white person can beheld accountable under race laws, they missed the message…


Protesters in North Carolina posted a video Monday of their tearing down a Confederate memorial, calling it a response to the weekend violence in Charlottesville, Virginia.
The clip shows a group of at least several dozen in Durham pulling down a statue in front of the local government building.
They can be heard yelling “No KKK! No fascist USA! No Trump!” until cheers break out as the statue atop the memorial gets pulled down.
Several protesters can be seen kicking the statue. There is no indication in the video that any police officers or other officials are trying to stop the public vandalism.
One protest organizer told local TV station WNCN that the group committed the action as retaliation for the white supremacist rally in Charlottesville, which turned deadly when a car plowed into a crowd of counterprotesters.
“It needs to be removed,” Loan Tran told WNCN. “These Confederate statues in Durham, in North Carolina, all across the country.”
According to WNCN, the statue represents soldiers who fought in the Civil War for the Confederacy and was dedicated in Durham in 1924.

What no comment on the lefts anger and damages???


A buddy of mine sent me a link to a blog post related to the left’s reaction to Charlottesville. It’s good enough to share here.

Charlottesville Prompting Defection of the 47% From the Fake People on the Left

The Left is freaking out. The magic potion is no longer working. It used to be, all they had to do was wave the wand and say “Hitler,” “racist” or “terrorist,” and the whole herd lined up to destroy whoever they were pointing at.

But over the past few years, something interesting has happened. Some of the people of the West have broken away, and have begun not just criticizing our government, but the theory that puts it in power known as “equality.” They are suggesting that not only have we lost our roots, but we got it wrong all along the way, maybe for centuries.

And with Charlottesville turning into a bloodbath after several other cities have experienced the violence, disorder and vandalism of Antifa rage, something worse is happening for those in power, which is the defection of the 47%. If you remember Mitt Romney, he was the Republican candidate who behind closed doors claimed that the 47% of the country which pays all the bills wants to cut out those who take but do not give, which is the other 53% or some large portion of it. Mitt was doing fine until he apologized for that statement, at which point all the conservatives packed up and went home. But now, the 47% is coming back into play.

To understand them, you have to understand average people versus productive people. Average people do not really exist, but for most people, they go to a job and do what they are told, then come home and watch video or play games, then go back and do it again. This is life for them because it is what they are capable of doing.

Productive people on the other hand are self-driven. If they are part of an office, they stand out in the topography of people by doing more or being better or faster at something. For them, there must always be purpose and a goal, and if they are going to spend their time on something, they will try to do it reasonably well.

Between the productive people and many of the average people, there are people who are trying to contribute at whatever level they can. These are the 47% and they are not all affluent. They are just highly functional. However, they are offset with a huge population that can be barely handle simple jobs, does them poorly when it does, and lives off either government benefits or the creations of government, like bureaucrats who take all day to process simple forms, or people who live on welfare for multiple months, years and generations.

For a long time now, the 47% has been mostly hostile to the Right. To these people, Right-wing philosophies were the zone of gun nuts, bigots, throwbacks, and other dangerous people. But now two things are happening: first, mainstream Leftism, which has dominated America and Europe since 1945, is failing; second, the Right is making a lot of sense about getting to the root of this problem and avoiding ever making that mistake again.

Look at our democracies. They are bankrupt and deep in debt. Our governments constantly grow and give benefits and money to the wrong people, resulting in a society with many parasites and few producers. Our societies are starting to be terrible, too, because now to escape the disaster of urban blight and community rot, you have to buy your way into a gated community just like in the third world. Our art, movies, culture and literature are not just vapid and bad, but controlling in the way Soviet propaganda was. People are catching the realization that any form of Leftism, whether simply democracy or committed socialism, arrives at the same place the French Revolution did, which is that everyone is starving, anyone smart gets killed, and then you end up fighting ideological wars that end in the collapse of your nation.

The 47% are not switching to the Alt Right. No, they wait for a convincing reason to do that, mainly an explanation of how the Alt Right will get us out of this mess and to something better. But they realize that we are in a death spiral, and they are starting to see that this has been happening for a long time. They are watching less Hollywood and NFL and spending more time reading weird blogs about Plato and Huntington. They no longer trust the government, and as they saw in Charlottesville, perceive that it is working with these angry violent Leftist protesters who seem to be motivated only by an impulse to destroy. They realize that we are in bad hands, and that we will have to stir ourselves from the sofas and fight back against this, or it will bury us.

The media is losing control of the narrative. They thought they had an easy spin when they got photos of the Charlottesville death car driver at a Vanguard America protest. However, then videos came out which showed people hitting his car, and it became clear that he did not aim for the people who were injured or died, but drove crazily until he hit the car in front of him, smashing up the sports car which was his pride and joy. This was not “terrorism,” as the media spun it, but out of control panic brought on by Antifa committing crimes and the police either ignoring them or helping them. Maybe he stood with the Vanguard America fellows, but they did not know him, and he was not a member, as even the Leftist press was forced to admit:

On Twitter on Saturday night, Vanguard America denied that Fields was a member, despite his presence with the group, and his uniform dress, saying that “shields were freely handed out to anyone in attendance”.

It is worth mentioning that their “uniform” — although The Guardian will not tell you this — was a white polo shirt. He could have worn one to work and showed up randomly for all that we know, but somehow the press is not digging too deeply, only searching for facts to support their narrative that he was a terrorist who deliberately ran these people down.

And then there’s the video that explains why the driver panicked and crashed into another car:

In the meantime, it turns out that he was not a committed member of the Alt Right, but another lost soul wandering through life in search of purpose despite having mental health problems:

Weimer also said that Fields Jr. wanted to go into military service but was rejected on mental health grounds.

“His senior year, he was real gung-ho about joining the Army,” Weimer said. “And he, towards the end of the year, found out that he was denied, and it was because of a history of anti-psychotic mediation that he was prescribed.”

Before Saturday’s attack, Fields Jr. had recently moved to Ohio from where he grew up in northern Kentucky. His mother, Samantha Bloom, said she knew her son was attending a rally in Virginia but didn’t know it was a white supremacist march, reports the Associated Press.

Not to mention that, but his Jewish mother, who appears to have health problems of her own, relied on her son to take care of her. This is not the raging Nazi that the media wants to portray him as, nor does he look like someone who committed “automotive terrorism” deliberately. More likely, in a chaotic situation, a chaotic personality flailed out of control when he came under attack (see video above).

In the meantime, Antifa and other Leftist counter-demonstrators (the Alt Right, having legitimate license for their demonstration which they had planned months in advance) had been attacking all afternoon with zero penalty, and the police stood down for them or actively helped them, herding the Alt Right protesters into Antifa kill zones.

So when we see images of bloodied Antifa, the press narrative is, “Look, the Alt Right attacked.” The 47% — contributors — in America are not saying they believe the Alt Right entirely, but they are saying they no longer believe the media spin. They are simply skeptical. They have seen this before. Michael Brown and Trayvon Martin turn out to be bad guys after all; the violence in Portland and Berkeley turns out to have been started by Antifa, after all.

When the middle defects from the Left, even if they do not go to the Right, the Alt Right wins because it has shattered the illusion of consensus behind our Leftist government, Antifa, the Democrats, and democracy, equality and Leftism themselves. People have doubt. Just like citizens under the Soviet regime, they no longer trust official sources, and so they are not going to stand in the way of the counter-revolution.

People are starting to see that so much is fake. We live in a Potemkin economy. Our leaders are actors. Our ideology is based on class warfare, not “helping people” as they claim it is. And these Antifa and Leftist types are fake. Their lives are not happy. They are not good people, or people striving to contribute. They are angry, empty, lost fake people just looking for an excuse to destroy and maim anything and anyone good, honest, healthy or moral in their path.

It’s all fake, even the outrage:

But others, including Mr. Kessler and Ms. Caine-Conley, openly wondered if the violence could have been prevented.

“There was no police presence,” Ms. Caine-Conley said. “We were watching people punch each other; people were bleeding all the while police were inside of barricades at the park, watching. It was essentially just brawling on the street and community members trying to protect each other.”

…Suddenly, people were throwing water bottles, some filled with urine. Some used pepper spray; from his perch on the sixth floor, Mr. Moran saw smoke bombs being thrown. People started clubbing one another. The clergy retreated to a “safe house” — a restaurant nearby.

But according to many witnesses, the police waited to intervene.

Who throws water bottles filled with urine? This has been an Antifa tactic since the post-election riots. Actually, it has been a tactic of the Left since at least the 1960s. But the police failed to intervene when it was Antifa causing the riots. And why might they have stood down? Their goal, spurred by Mayor Signer, was to stop the protest in the first place:

The moment the emergency was declared, police officers started announcing on loudspeakers that the gathering was an unlawful assembly, and called for the crowd to disperse, cutting off the rally before it officially began.

In other words, they wanted a pretext to stop the demonstration from happening, and the police relied on Antifa to give them that excuse, even if the Alt Right had done nothing wrong. The 47% are not going to trust this kind of insanity, and they are starting to speak out more openly as cracks appear in the diversity Potemkin village run for the sake of globalism that our elected leaders, and the 53% who vote them into office, have created.

The Alt Right can keep winning this war by behaving reasonably and provoking the Left into doing what it cannot stop itself from doing, which is launching into pathological destruction, cruelty, deception and manipulation. If they really want to win, they need to convince the one in twenty people who are natural leaders that the Alt Right offers a better vision, and then this system will fall and we can get on to the next phase of human history.


It took a lot of guts for this man to walk down to the Robert E. Lee monument and pay respects. He shows everyone the right way to protest. Stoically and silent while these leftists pigs scream and curse. Even the police officer at the end of the video had trouble keeping it cool.


You know that this isn’t the way most people on the left act. They are probably paid to be there and cause all the problems. I don’t know one person that gives a damn about any statue, in any park… on the right or left.
Seems like a drummed up drama if you ask me…


This is all manufactured. My guess is by McAuliffe who wants a 2020 run…now Obama will be out campaigning in local VA political races.

That didn’t take long…did it?


There are rising questions about “Unite The Right” Organizer Jason Kessler… Obama supporter and Occupy activists. He labels himself as a provocateur. It seems that may of the pictures taken in and around the ‘white supremacist’ group showed a large number of people who visually did not fit the them. One person quite familiar with the white supremacist movement says most dress in a particular way and are tattooed… many of the attendees while white and clean shaven were not tattooed… were not skin heads… and did not present themselves as one might expect… so the question is, who were these people… where they drawn in defense of the statue, nationalist, patriots types…paid actors?


Trump was right in calling out everyone there… Had only the ‘white supremacist’ showed up at a rally that they were permitted for… their would have likely been no violence. I only wish Trump was actually an articulate speaker because his thought process is correct… but his delivery suck. He could actually be the person that calls our racism in all of its forms and breaks the back of people like ANTIFA and BLM as he also dismantles the far right hate groups. America has needed someone bold enough to call this out for about… umm… 50 years.


This is the kind of narrative that colors this entire subject… Its malicious and will lead to the kinds of escalations that WILL get a lot of people hurt and killed. Regardless of how much I consider groups like ANTIFA being out looking for trouble… if I am one of them and read this kind of tripe from a governor… I come next time loaded for bear…


I’m not so sure we should remove any of them. How about we simply change them all?


That’s nice - I just saw a bumper sticker that said, “Freedom of religion means ANY religion”. I wonder what the driver would say to “Freedom of speech means ANY speech”.

I think you know what religion they meant by that, too.

What are your thoughts on that?


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Damn…the cops literally walked right past without a care in the world.