Charlottesville: Domestic Terrorism


Here is one of the victims of antifa at Charlottesville. You won’t see this image in the mass media. The “It’s okay to punch a Nazi” crowd are happy with this. Don’t forget how evil they are.



Tired of this talk of which statues and which history.

This history and these statues belong in museums in well-curated exhibits.

There is no “pride” which should be associated with the Confederacy- it is and should be an historical point of shame for its architects and those misguided soldiers who rebelled against the Union in the cause of the protection of the institution of slavery.

No American of African heritage should be subjected to a daily reminder of their ancestors’ subjugation through confronting a memorial which glorifies their own history of enslavement.

It’s more than I would tolerate and the fact that any of these still exist is a testament to their forbearance and the blindness of society to their sensitivities.

I’ve had enough of these rallying points and the myth of the American South as a noble group in defeat.

They were fucking traitors and we’ll beat their descendants and sympathizers down as well if they won’t accept that.



A word to the wise…

Don’t try to reason with Southerns about our heritage, even if you are trying to help (which you weren’t).

We don’t reason our pride and history.

We simply embrace it.

And we’ll fight to defend it.


The fact is most of the nation’s wealth during that era was in the South. The North wanted to tax it. The South established their own country much like the Colonies did during the Revolution.

Lincoln proved that the natural right of secession was a moot point under our Federal system.

It’s a cute modern myth that the CSA was all about slavery. Repeat a big lie long enough and enough morons will believe anything.


And he got kicked out of his Christian college for peacefully and respectfully protesting.


What the hell is wrong with people. He had every right to go there and pay respect to anyone he wants to. He wasn’t rude to anyone and didn’t cause any violence. He didn’t even say a word. In fact, people were down right awful to him! Very un-Christian of this school.


No one in their right minds has a positive view of slavery; they also take a dim view of every ‘special needs and protections’ group dictating to cities and towns how they should remember a war. Soon will be how they must speak, and how they must think.

And here is where you will lose.

While yours is the pontification of the angry victor, it is worth considering that part of the reason for dislike of ‘yankees’ like yourself is your self righteous arrogance, and your blanket condemnation of an entire region because they don’t have your favorite gay bar franchise there.

The South rose literally from ashes, and has produced a lot of America’s greatest writers- including the greatest William Faulkner. They understood the complexity of the issue- a defeated land and people, rebuilding amid the incessant slurs form those in the North. Mocking the southern twang, calling Southerners inbreds, hillbillies - really any and all insults. Faulkner wrote a magnificent short story on the subject- “A Rose for Emily” - read it then have a professor who isn’t a BAMN, or #resist member explain the nuance to you. Southerners have had their hackles up because they’ve been humiliated by the media and folks like you and for 150 years.
You cling hard to your stereotypes of Southerners, and probably call the Midwest ‘flyover country’- because it makes you look oh so droll with your equally bourgeoisie comrades. I would be amused at your vitriol, as yours and others like you will bring the 61 vote majority for the GOP in Nov. 18, but it is further dividing the nation into deeper partisanship. You should think about that because other than La La Land and Bahia’ de Conector trasero, Trump won. The GOP clobbered the stupidly progressive DNC all over the country.

Ah violence- the solution when the leftist doesn’t get his way…

By all means go and do so tough guy- who shall I notify of your passing?


A little 5 minute audio segment of Rush Limbaugh Show .Friday - August 18,2017… :rofl:


Oh my, put on your tin hat boys, otherwise its a good summary


Also, the mother of the dead victim of the attack thanks Trump for his address of the whole situation, so why cant the media?


The right wing people at that march went there expecting to be viewed on national television.

You don’t get to openly vent your most repugnant views and then return to your normal life as if nothing happened. That’s not how a society works.


Well, that is subjective. We are still a society that champions free speech.


Well, I have heard some pretty repugnant stuff spewed by the left to anyone they don’t agree with… I guess like most of your misguided antisocials you haven’t figured out what the ‘rule of law’ is… but then again, vigilante justice can go both ways and as @redhawk below said… those judgments you think you have the right to hand out are subjective and Karma is a beach…


I find it interesting how the left can demand everyone comply with their laughable morality standards.

On one hand the left demands statues come down as they killed people during the civil war and then on the other hand demand finding for abortion which to some is killing an unborn person.

You have a strange sense of morality.

Will you demand we invade California if they leave the union and beat the fucking traitors down as well as their sympathizers?


Facts be known, this could be yet another deliberate and staged even to help salvage the democrats… By the time the 2018 election rolls around we could find ongoing investigations into nearly every facet of the corrupt and lamentable democratic party, from the pay for play, through the use of the federal government as a political weapon and of course the mounting evidence of actually paying people to violate the law…


Well what do we have here…she lost a daughter at Sandy Hook and in Charlottesville.



It would appear that it is Scott Baio who has given this some legs… good for a laugh… if your child wasn’t the one killed…


Apparently the driver of the car, James Alex Fields Jr., was being chased by armed antifa thugs, prompting for the hasty escape that led to the unfortunate death.


If the driver James Fields knew he was being pursued by an armed person and was fleeing… then this Dwayne Dixon becomes, I don’t know the proper legal term but, some kind of accessory before the fact.