Checking In


I received the invitation from Patriot today as well. I’ve been on Reddit politics for the past year or so and have been looking for another place to discuss politics and life in general. Oh! I’m Erin!


Welcome Erin… Hope you enjoy the sometimes… lively interactions that can occur. Jump right in.


Wow! Glad to have you here Erin :heart_eyes:


This is a great place Erin! A little crazy sometimes but you’ll adjust. Welcome!

I used to be very active on r/politics - until every single time I posted something about Hillary Clinton it was down voted almost instantly. There are a lot of people who were once really active there looking for a new place. I should send out some invites as well.


I’m new too coming here after my previous home of 15 years shut down and I have to say I am vry impressed with the caliber of posters here. Very intelligent, passionate, funny. This is a very fun and educational community.




FIFTEEN YEARS !!! :astonished: That explains so much… that much time in an echo chamber can have considerable bearing on your fixing outlook… so sad… but hey… you’re in the light now… breath in… hold… exhale slowwwly… you can toss those silly looking little rose tinted specs too.:upside_down:


I never did like you, you know.