Chicago and the super tough gun laws ! LMAO


Gun control and sanctuary city a sight to behold , a liberal paradise ! :wink:


Yes, they go together like pie and ice cream or ham and eggs!!!


Sadly enough your right !


I guess the Bleading Heart Liberals would call me a Racist, like I really care .
Anyone who would call me Racist ,should check out Reading Pa,one of the poorest cities of its size in the US. At least 75% of District Justice actions and court logs involve people with 2or3 hyphenated names. At least 65% of the population of about 65000 are Hispanic and they’re 90% of the drug crimes.
For whatever reason I’ve always gotten along better with blacks than l have with Hispanics which are Very Arrogant here.
You want a good vacation,spend about a month here.


That would be indicative of their refusal to learn our language and obey our laws .


A city were the only ones " lackin" is the working stiff ! :rage:

So how is it they get open carry and the honest taxpayer CAN’T ? Does Chicago’s police force review these videos and arrest a few of the non-lackers ? Is these a " no go" part of town like in the UK ? WTF


Why don’t they just pass a law making armed robbery illegal? :wink:


How come when blacks say nigger no one is outraged?


A protected class silly . :wink::laughing::laughing::laughing:


How could this happen? Guns are illegal in Chicago. These politicians should have demanded that the three assailants surrender their firearm and obey the laws of the city.
I may have missed this, but could it be possible that one or more of these poor politicians may have PRAYED at the moment of the confrontation? No, that would have been religion and politics getting together - they must be separated, according to the progressive communistic agenda. They probably took off the cleaning bill for their underwear and pants as an expense being stupid politicians.


And what , be labeled racist and lose the next election ? :laughing:


Historically, the Democrats initially wanted to confiscate guns from blacks using the Jim Crow laws. They did not want the blacks to fight back and endanger the power base of the Democrats. Today, the Dems want to take guns away from everyone except their bodyguards and government (which they continue to try to dominate and control).