Chicago's commissioner wanted UN force to help


Not really the solution, since that has been going on since the 80s-90s. More crime = more begging for federeal money to solve the problem, especially into their “schools” (example here), to up lift the “community” but the money most certainly end up in corrupted officials. Democratic “inner” cities are literal federal funds black hole, no pun intended.

Im pretty sure the only cure is the eventual bankruptcy of the city / entire state i.e. Illinois, and a Republican takes over, but even then, they started harping and blaming the long-time-coming bankruptcy on the new Republican incumbent.


While I don’t disagree with you that jobs are a big part of the answer. The poverty that exists in Chicago didn’t start with the departure of industry but was most certainly exacerbated in almost all large cities by government policy that broke up the family structures and created generational dependency. As for your highly motive self starters, I would suspect that the crossover is harder to achieve than you might imagine. How many recidivist criminals have gone back to crime because a regular job just does not pay as much and besides I don’t really think that the functional skills of a midlevel dealer in the drug trade would equate to a line manager in a manufacturing job. Far more goes into a healthy community than just jobs and it is the cultural void brought about by the left that has lead us to a place where, stealing from your employer is ‘ok’ because they are far richer than you.

You are right that jobs are a huge part of the health of a community, but we have ruined, generationally, the culture of these communities and a flood of new jobs won’t fix that but for many years and during that time, business, by necessity will pack up an leave. Democrats created these city centers and now they have no clue how to fix them. Jobs certainly are a component in turning these communities around but schools that are regularly attended and not vandalized, engaged parents (if you can find them) and churches that minister to the soul are also needed and none of them can survive the atmosphere that currently exists… Far more going on in these communities than just a lack of work and a caring union steward…


I will go along with what you said to a point . Recidivism is largely caused by the the lack of choice after release . Job training or apprenticeships would give citizens the tools but free trade has pushed manufacturing and the jobs to Communist China and other third world country’s !
Democratic s and Republicans have used the poor to further their own agenda . The Democratic s for the vote and the Republicans as poster children for class warfare against the welfare state . The facts cannot be disputed and the fact that one in four black men born in a intercity will go to jail and that is a failure of society !
Can we blame a citizen for surviving in a ghetto / city with so few other options ?
As far as stealing white collar criminals put every dope sling bank robing criminal to shame !
Banks Have Paid $321 Billion in Fines Since the Financial Crisis .
Deutsche Bank Fined $41 Million for Money-Laundering Lapses .
Wells Fargo Fined $185 Million for Fraudulently Opening Accounts .
And not one person in jail what kind of justice system is that ?
I wasn’t saying that someone working as a criminal could just start running work with out some training but these citizens have skills and drive to succeed it is up to employers .


There is a good point in there.


I completely understand your point, but would that precedent bother you at all???




I have long attempted to engage the fact that most of the provisions created from the Great Society has created a deep dependency in government across the board. That isn’t using the poor as a poster child… it is the measurable results of these programs. Of course democrats refuse to talk about them because it would require dismantling decades of government dependence… dependence that you rightly point out as the bread and butter of the democratic vote. Without breaking that link or at least understanding and correcting its deficiencies, poor people will be trapped and that group of people will grow larger over time.

You are very right that our trade policies are not for the benefit of the American worker and governments incestuous relationship with business harms the free market in ways that we are only beginning to discover.

Justice… now that is a subject ! It would seem that in many areas of society, we are striking a lot of nerves in that regard and it would seem that under every rock hides a slithering critter. I see Trump, if he is not brought down first, as being the first president to shake up the system enough to access much corruption BUT until we realize that government has far extended its reach into business… and certian businesses allow and incourage it becuase it helps feather their nest, we will never get to the point of free trade that will have Americans buying and selling American products.

Of course having said that, the big US companies that we were all to eager to give ‘multinational’ status to… until it was no longer to our advantage, are now part of the world and US economy… If we wish to compete with others in the world, it is time that we understand, that we must equalize our cost of living with the rest of the world… It use to be said that Unions uplifted other markets and rather than unions conceding any ground, the rest of the world must rise to our level. When we had the manufacturing upper hand, that worked just fine… those days are gone…




President Trump is right when he states we must put America first again !!
Not American banks or stock market all of America needs to succeed for all of America to prosper !
White and blue collar small and large companies ! You complain about the great society that Johnson introduced . At the time he put the changes into effect America was a very different place .
The President’s Concentrated Employment Program led to a series of studies on employment in poverty areas, and BLS introduced a quarterly series that tracked the situation in poverty areas in the United States. The Comprehensive Employment and Training Act of 1973 required information on unemployment and poverty by detailed geographic area. 67
This was also a period when inflation was a major economic and political issue, and the Cost of Living Council was established to provide guidelines on wage and price escalation that put renewed emphasis on price, wage and productivity statistics.

The GDP was 5.8 in 1964 and 6.5 in 1965 .
The unemployment was 5.6 .

In 1965, manufacturing accounted for 53 percent of the economy. By 1988 it only accounted for 39 percent, and in 2004, it accounted for just 9 percent.
The loss of the manufacturing industry manifests itself most clearly in job losses. According to the Economist, “For the first time since the Industrial Revolution, fewer than 10 percent of American workers are now employed in manufacturing” (Oct. 1, 2005). But even this figure is probably double the actual percentage, because many workers in a typical manufacturing firm have service-type jobs. In comparison, during the 1970s, approximately 25 percent of American workers were employed in manufacturing. From 1990 to present, manufacturing jobs have decreased every single year; since 1996, they have plummeted by almost one fifth. .

The choice is clear America can continue as it is with just one or two percent getting very wealthy another eight percent doing ok and ninety percent hanging on . Or we can kill free trade put tariffs on imports to force manufactures back to America and make all of America great Again !


And this…


If you are talking about gang/drug trade, yes there is a heirarchy, and all the kids at the bottom risking prison for next to nothing, do it because they hope to get to the top of the food chain - but typically end up dying or imprisoned before they can reach ‘upper management’.

Yes, there is a loose structure, but its effect is all negative. If you paid them even min. wage to clean up and revitalize the hood, they would have dignity, purpose, and just maybe- stop killing each other. Oh and in the lower rungs, min. wage would be a step up. The Onion tells the tale (below)

But liberals only want to throw OPM at the problem with no real plan, no expectations, and so, no results. Giving a chance must come with accountability or it will simply fail.

Toyota tried training in the Compton hood and it failed. I remember listening to an NPR interview with a councilman (LA) about it where he and the reporter were putting the failure in the most polite terms they could.

A few years ago, on NPR, another reporter was hailing the same program as an ‘unqualified success’. As harsh as it sounds, a place run by criminals will have to start with the most basic of training - and that will include broom pushers.


The thing is, job training and apprenticeship are dead with the continual push for minimum wage and rising costs of living due to the liberal tax rate and policies. You see, most of the “inner cities” now were once industrious hubs where jobs were abundant due to the lax regulatory and political environment that lets those industries / businesses thrive in the first place. Then the people get high on their abundance and start to “virtue signal” en mass via their vote, and a democrat governor would come in, since they claim to be for all these qualities i.e. equality, environmentalism etc… And if the democrat is black, chances are, more blacks would flock to the place and vote overwhelmingly liberal policies. These policies kill the businesses, you see, for example, tax would hike to make up for the increasingly generous welfare programs being promised years after years. Businesses flee, along with the skilled population that were once part of them, leaving behind the welfare-dependent population that will … continuously vote the way they do so they dont have to work. Women would receive the most from these programs, if they have more kids and marry the government i.e. being a single mom. Very quickly, you see, the neighborhoods fall into decadence with fatherless children running around amok, not attending the multi-millions dolar schools (yes, democrat cities spend the most per students, and the test scores run inversely proportional to the money spent). You can see here that D.C spends the most per student, yet theyre the worst in term of academic performance:

Gary, IN is a forgotten example of such process. Crimes easily creep in after the “white flight”, and crimes, just like drugs they traffic, are an addicting lifestyle, and once hardwired into your head before the age of 25 by your surrounding environments and your “pop cultures”, are hard to wean off.

Commiefornia is sort of a special case, since most of their industries are soft-tech / programming jobs that are immune (for now) to the strangling environmental regulations (tho most companies are outsourcing those jobs to firms in India/China to combat inflated cost of living anyhow) and one of the rarely existing manufacturing firm is Tesla, which is also heavily subsidized by the government money (yes, youre paying Tesla whether you like it or not).

Tax cut may attract some back, along with tariff, tho at this rate, anything the current administration does will be opposed heavily simply of the Trump Derangement Syndrome, so we’ll see how the man handles it.


This is all crap the truth is an oligarchy was formed and they corrupted the government of the United States of America into entering into free trade deals that destroyed America manufacturing and the jobs associated with manufacturing ! The treasury’s city’s , states and federal were deprived of the taxes generated by manufacturing and those jobs and were forced to raise taxes and cut services further straining the tax base .
Companies left city’s and moved to the suburbs and the taxing continued until city’s raided pension funds to pay expenses .
Their is blame a plenty to be thrown around but our government was criminally remiss when it came to trade and illegal dumping ! This government’s actions has put America and the free world in harms way and cost the working class forty years of relative prosperity !

There is crime because their is no other way for the citizens many who were poorly educated with no usable job skills to feed themselves .
Want to cut crime cut poverty !!!


Which came first: the chicken or the egg? You cant just take all of my argument and slap a "This is all crap ". Not an argument, try again.


Well wealthy people steal but employ lawyers and lobbyist to grease the skids so at worst a fine is imposed .
So I guess jobs wont help cut all criminal actives but it would cut intercity crime and fund the city’s treasury !
The wealthy don’t pay their share of taxes so nothing changes there .


Uhm, no


You have such a hard-on for “Wealthy people” ignoring the enormous risk for someone to be wealthy i.e. started a business or invent a gadget or being skilled at some forms of arts or sports. And if the next generations that inherits that wealth are spoiled, the wealth will be depleted quickly. It is common sense, that spending money is easier than making money. The Trump family is an example: While Donald Trump went on and is successful in most of what he tried, his brother, Freddy Trump Jr., died as an alcoholic.

So please, if it was easy to be rich, everyone would be rich. But not everyone is skilled, and equality of outcome i.e. socialism is not the way to go, since when socialism is enforced via mass tax hike on the “wealthy”, they will leave and set up shop in a place with more favorable tax/regulatory climate, otherwise as the invisible hands dictate, they will lose out to their competitors that do so and risk bankruptcy. Come on jimo, try to argue my points instead of regurgitating the “muh 1%” empty rhetoric.


Its percentage of income that counts NOT percentage of income tax paid that is a fools number
I have been taxes some where between 24% to 31% most of my working life !
The richest 1% of Americans own 35% of the nation’s wealth. The bottom 80% own just 11% of the nation’s wealth.
The richest 1% pay an effective federal income tax rate of 24.7% in 2014; someone making an average of $75,000 is paying a 19.7% rate.
The average federal income tax rate of the richest 400 Americans was just 20 percent in 2009.
Socialism is a fools game ! While I don’t like the ruling class . My feelings are personal I hate what they did to my country and to my fellow working Americans ! They sold out forty years of labor and sent it to Communist China , Mexico Japan , Europe , India , Korea and other places they got fat ! Working Americans failed to see the rat in the cupboard ! The rat was our government and they had to bless this offshore move . I think they wanted to raise the standard of living in third world country’s by fucking working Americans ! The multinationals were more then happy to shut down American factory’s fire American workers and manufacture cheaper stuff and ship the junk back into the United States duty free . So you are right I don’t have much use for the Oligarchy !
Working Americans elected President Trump and so far so good but if he swings over to the other side free trade WTO NO TARIFFS we will kick him to the curb


Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, don’t let that cat out of the bag.


But Chicago Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson, while giving a nod to Boykin’s “energy,” reminded the commissioner that the U.N. has no jurisdiction on U.S. soil.

“I appreciate the commissioner’s energy and his anxiousness to help reduce the gun violence in Chicago,” the Chicago Tribune quoted him as telling reporters on Friday. “I really do commend that, but at the end of the day the U.N. has no jurisdiction here. They really have no jurisdiction in this country.”

Johnson suggested that Boykin’s energy could be “better spent building bridges and relationships in the city, and with our local partners, state partners and federal partners here to address violence.”


Mind citing what where you get that, bc thats contrary to what I see:

So youre condemning socialism oversee and advocate them … in America? Bc rich or not, paying 10% shy of half of your income in tax is theft! Socialism is in part seizing private properties and redistributing wealth, and how is having about half of your income seized not socialism? The rich pays more tax than the poor: a 15% tax on $40K is $6k, while a 40% tax on $400k is $160K. And lets not forget that money in the pockets of the rich goes into business expense / risky ventures that creates jobs and investments in things that were once really expensive. If the “rich” has not paid for the first smartphones, the smartphones would not have been affordable and are now produced en mass for the populate.

Again, it goes back to the general working population getting rich --> democrats are elected --> tax raised / environmental regulations --> businesses flee. Have you watched my documentary on Gary, IN? Detroit is another example, along with California. Competition is cut-throat, and you dont profit from feelings.

he is working on that, and business are returning, bc hes giving them the incentives to do so: government contracts, slashing regulations, and tax cuts for business. You cant be anti-business while at the same time expect them to folk over half of what they earn.