China’s $360 million gift to Harvard


As if the Central Committee’s control of the democrats that infest our public education system isn’t enough


Harvard doesn’t need the money. It’s already insane that their endowment is 36.7B so why take the money? 360 million does not come without strings. China wants something in exchange for that and if it is counter to US interests then Harvard should face the consequences.


When a country runs a 50 year plan and we are running on continuing resolutions, whatever educational strategy they may wish incorporated in the curriculum won’t bear fruit until you and I are long dead my friend… Its taken some 100 years for our primary and secondary schools to create the desired, obedient proletariat… Communism plays the long game…


That’s a good point. When you look at countries throughout the Asia-Pacific they all seem to embrace long range strategic planning. The desired outcomes are seldom near term.


The US has never been able to put together a long term energy strategy… but by God we got rid of those loathsome incandescent bulbs for their mercury filled failure of a replacement…!!!


The USSR was known for long range planning.


Bet they still use incandescent bulbs or jumped straight to LEDs… Of course the plans have to be good and as we know, communism, if their is any alternative for people to run to, will fail… hence the long term strategy of bringing down the stalwart of individualism and liberty…and they have been working on that for a very long time


Except for our national defense the Federal Government should not try to plan anything.


Of course is a difference between Providing and Promoting wouldn’t you agree?


Less is more. Do the people’s basic work and go home.