Chinese dumping has become a central concern of Trump's trade policy


A teacher has the most important job in America !
America may lack qualified people or not . But if American business feel the need to find qualified people I can suggest they start training them themselves the old fashion way on the job training or apprenticeships for starters invest in your employees and in Americas future!


Here is what I thing if you love your job you will never work a day in your life !
You seem to be very unhappy with all the bitching about other citizens career choices ?


Got it

Expenses are costs built into the pricing model

Taxes are an expense like rent utilities


You sound like a job Nazi “employment security commission” WTF does the Constitution say about that ?
Our nations receivables / treasury are down because our government shipped our manufacturing base to Communist China and the taxes that our nation was counting on to pay it’s bills with never got to the treasury !
Go figure you may ask why would our government do such a stupid thing ? Corruption plain and simple !
You are right in thinking this is a class issue you are just picking on the wrong class ! The class at fault is the class that has made all the gains in the last sixty years ! You fall on the losers and that is easy they have no guards or gates to protect them no lobbyist to plead their cause or high priced lawyers to defend them all the working citizens of America have is each other in solidarity !


Profits! What gets deducted? Matched SS/FICA, Workers Comp,… insurance benefits, 401K matches. All deductions. You also do not appear to have any mastery on English.


Welfare is not a career choice.


There are many reasons for off shoring

Completion being the number 1 reason

Higher cost of living

And of course the demand by consumers for cheap

All allowed by our government
Both parties


So do rich liberals who scream about those terrible monopolies and the need for a minimum wage… why don’t the put their money in the game and compete against these shysters instead of robbing hard working people to by votes?


Business train employees?

Been there did that and after investing in people they quickly leave instead of working and gaining experience

All about the immediate quest for a buck


Still you have to get people willing to come through the door in the first place! Give a moron a basket weaving degree and they are entitled to 40,000 a year starting pay for anything they do… well they think that.


As a manager later director we sent people to equipment specific training

After their training which wasn’t cheap the search began for more money

The long term employees always stayed as they knew more money was around the corner with more experience

The younger people just couldn’t wait

We refocused training dollars to employees with a proven track record vs the new employees


Yes that is an issue as well and this is why I am not all that much into OJT. I mean there is on the job for everything but if a person has no skills and nothing invested you have issues like those you are talking about.

You made me think, that hurts. Many moon ago I was sent for training (no choice, union company) on something I already knew. I got a weeks paid vacation, took the wife and kids.

Sorry but I am against sending people out for training just because of company policy and if there is not a person competent enough to teach the noobs the job in house, you got problems.


Well in my experience with high end telecoms equipment, competent operators and technicians do not make the best systems instructors… and when technology changes as it did for example with VOIP, many of the more competent people had no exposure to the technology. and many of the tech schools were behind the curve… sometime you have to spend that money for factory schooling…


Note, I had that in there. I am talking about things that are a matter of company policy.

I was sent to GA for training on a machine I could have built. I was already familiar with coding, studied PCB fabrication is college, studied DC/AC circuits, had set some world hardware records in the PC world… Had no problem working on the machines or operating them. I was sent as a matter of company policy and I did not want to go. The manager and I talked it over and I took the family turning it into a vacation because I would have quit otherwise.


Well, I am glad that you included your choice to quit in the comment because yesterday some guy didn’t have a right to object to company policy. We all have a right to quit but we don’t have the right to tell the company if you are competent in their eyes…:wink:


Well UNION! Nuff said.

The employee had the right to quit! You see people over value themselves and that is where I was going with this line. Did I over value myself? No. I saw it as a waste of money to send a person for training on a piece of equipment that they already knew inside and out.

Funny thing is, at that company, we had to take tests to get raises (even if you could not do the JOB).


Well I am off to werk! Sort of. Told a gentleman that I partner with and do some design work for that I would cover his booth this morning because he was going to be out.


And the same guys supported the myth that the TIC peddled that corporations are paying 35% taxes and can’t compete in the world, and this dude told you here or in another thread that corporations don’t pay taxes. :joy::joy::joy::joy:


Just because the company’s overhead includes the extra tax does not mean that the consumer doesn’t pay for it… and of course if those costs to the consumer make the product noncompetitive… then yes, it is the high tax rate that does it…


The TIC and his supporters didn’t say anything about corporations passing their tax on to the consumer as he was cramming a tax cut for the rich down the poor mans throat. But then what would a money laundering 5 time bankrupt billionaire know about poor people other than he hates them.