Chinese investors sued McAuliffe and Rodham for scam


Shady political practice, and environmental scam rolled into one.

McAuliffe is a major fund-raiser for both Bill and Hillary Clinton, and is the current Virginia Governor. With Hillary’s brother Anthony Rodham, they tried to wiled Bill’s political influence to get money from the Chinese, and in kind promised return on their investment in “GreenTech”, which McAuliffe headed, as well as visas. Now the company is not producing anything and is on a verge of bankruptcy, and the Chinese sues. Just another scandal in the list of many.


A 120 million dollar cash-for-green card scam. The Clintons and their cronies won’t stop until they are put in prison.


Which the TIC promised to do while he was campaigning. Once he won, he told his supporters he no longer cared about that. Duped, but still supporting. :roll_eyes:


We still have seven years to go. Don’t worry. Even if she doesn’t see jail time I’m sure those seizures of hers will catch up.


If she doesn’t, then the TIC is a liar and all the people that flocked to his campaign rallies led by Flynn to chant “lock her up” were once again duped. Seems far more likely at this point that Flynn will be the one locked up during the Trump administration. :joy:


Hillary supporters including yourself were already duped when she lost the election.


As soon as Trump won the election he told his supporters that Clinton didn’t matter anymore. He used the BOD’s to get what he wanted and immediately reniged on his promise. Now it’s quite clear that most of those that participate on this board are still VERY interested in seeing Clinton prosecuted as the subject finds its way into most threads here. But take this to the bank, you’ll never see Clinton in prison, ok. And I don’t say that because I don’t want to see her there, but just to point out that the TIC is a liar and used his supporters while campaigning.