Choose your weapons carefully


More and more people are talking about civil war, or at least civil unrest in Europe and the UK. One weapon I consider very useful, which won’t physically harm the enemy / aggressor is a very high lumen LED torch. This temporarily blinds your attacker, for up to 30 minutes.
This will enable you to easily retaliate. Available on Amazon (large selection) some are military grade. Prices start from £2.57, Yes that’s right, a paltry £2.57.

I bought three which are 10,000 lumens. The other great thing is, because they’re LED technology, the batteries last much longer than a conventional torch. Size?? About the length of the palm of your hand by a 3cm diameter. Fantastic bit of kit.


Make sure you get one that has a strobe effect. They may not sell them on Amazon but there are plenty of places you can get them online. They induce vertigo.


This particularly one (via the link posted) has strobe and an SOS signal. Excellent build quality too - absolute bargain.


…and while they are dazed and blinded, you put a hole in their skulls with a sharpened fireplace poker. Machiavelli would approve.


And for those that require a little more ferocity, there’s this…
(Latest find on amazon)


I bought one. Seemed like a good deal ( very inexpensive ). When I slide barrel forward, the magnifying lens slips out & I have to unscrew the bezel & push the lens back in. Otherwise, OK. Maybe a tiny bit of super glue will hold the lens.


If that is the case a flashlight never comes to mind ! :wink:


Sounds like you got a duff one. The quality varies. I bought mine on amazon, after careful reading of reviews om each. So far I’ve bought 10 (3 different types) and I’ve not had problems.