Church shooting in Texas


At least 15 dead , what the hell is going on with the crazies of the world . The left has made violence the way to deal with their anger . When a Church is no longer a safe place from these nuts we have to wonder is any place safe ? Thoughts and prayers for the families .

Man shoots wife at church

Rumor is that the shooter is named “Chris Ward” and he killed his family before going to the church…

Take that with a grain of salt.


That’s what been rumored on lately . What makes someone sick enough to kill others they don’t even know ?


A huge tragedy for the people of that church, town and area… Their are no words…


This sort of thing happens frequently enough that every church should have armed security guards. There should be plenty of volunteers among the parishioners for guard duty, as long as it’s not a Unitarian church. God gave us the 2nd Amendment for a reason.


Is it me or could this be a distraction to LV fiasco? They can’t seem to get a handle on that narrative and would love to focus on this.


The Texas shooting happened around 11:30am this morning, and they haven’t released the shooter’s name yet, so according to Coutler’s rule, I think it’s very safe to assume the shooter was not white.


I can think of one EVIL !


Well the name Chris Ward has surfaced . Chris killed his family and was taken out by law enforcement !


Suddenly Democrats care about a “place of worship” that isn’t Islamic related? Riiiiggghht




Well…looks like your “Coulter Rule” has been broken.



Killer Devin Patrick Kelley Is Being Said To Be A Radical Alt-left Antifa Member , if true it would come as no surprise !


Anyone remember the Black Muslim immigrant from Sudan who shot up a church in Tennessee wearing a clown mask a few months ago? No? Not surprising. Drive by media barely covered it. No yells for gun control or immigration ban. Nope, nada, zippo.


If it wasn’t for the Legal gun owner who stopped the massacre in Texas who knows how many more innocent civilians would have perished?


My father was one of the early applicants for the CHL when Texas adopted the law. He carried all the time and only disarmed when going into places that disallowed it… and as a personal choice, Church. Some churches do not allow firearms but most do not post objection… I think a lot more responsible citizens are going to attend armed in the future.

The left will, as they always do, make a play for gun control but the fact is, just one armed parishioner could have ended this tragedy early. The left like to make a big deal out of ‘all these people’ carrying guns but in Texas at least the application is rigorous and I find it amusing when a business posts a ‘no firearms allowed’ sign. My father had a stack of cards that he would tape to the door…

It read on on

On The back it says:


  • Have No Felony Convictions - Lifetime
  • No Class A or B Misdemeanors Withing The Last Five Years
  • Passed Both State and Federal Fingerprint And Background Checks
  • No Delinquent Conduct Within The Past 10 Years
  • Not Delinquent In Child Support, Student Loans or State/Local Taxes.

*** How Much Do You Know About Your ‘Other’ Customers ***


If it weren’t for the lack of gun control in this country, 26 people would be alive today.


It’s illegal to kill people in this country. The rules against killing people don’t stop it from happening.


It’s hilarious that god can’t/won’t even protect the people huddled to worship him. Maybe someday people will get a clue.


Yeah… we should stop selling guns to progressives…