Climate change linked to depression


– Patients should be prepared for future meetings with their doctors to include discussions of global warming.


It makes sense to me. I mean, take a person with health anxiety, regardless the ache or pain they will blow it up into being the worst possible ailment until someone can definitively tell them what is causing the ache or pain. Given the very neurotic nature of our group therapy, depression drugged society, I can see someone with anxiety taking the unknowns of climate change and creating monsters. I heard that people who study climate have a high degree of neurological derangement… but I just heard that somewhere…


Blue State people just need to Uber an hour into the real country and just take a walk.


I think coming out of their parents basement apartment once a month would help ! :laughing::laughing:


The environmentalist movement was co-opted by the hard left in the 80s. David Bellamy who was a British TV naturalist admitted as much. He was completely ostracised when he was a top TV personality. They are insane hypocrites anyway. Green parties hate the environment they just want to control it hence they are the chief proponents of unlimited migration therefore destroying western nations natural life.


Actually it’s more like depression is linked being a liberal ! :expressionless:


You really have to want desperately to believe this shit to fall for the man-made climate change hoax.

These cultists claim the tiny amount of greenhouse gasses humans add to the environment is so destructive because it’s cumulative. Then a volcano erupts and puts more greenhouse gasses in the environment than humans have added in their entire history. The world doesn’t end.