Climate Change


As I see it Global Warming or Climate Change as it has come to be referred to changed has always been happening to a certain degree. The Earth has had many warming and cooling down periods during it’s lifespan and humans only represent a fraction of that time. In fact if science is right the temperatures we think are normal, right now, are actually the Earth coming out of the last parts of the Ice Age.

The left wing has seized upon this and has pinned the blame on man and carbon emissions. I find this hysterically arrogant of our species to assume that we have made any dent in this planet or that it really has felt any effect of our existence. Humans have been on Earth for a blink of an eye in the time concerning Earth. To the liberals this junk science is nothing more than a fundraising tool and a bandwagon for the faithful to charge the political machine.


@Yank - sorry to burst your bubble here man…but global warming is happening 100%. So many respected scientists have conducted unbiased tests (that’s how science works) and showed that greenhouse gases are causing the earth’s temperature to rise. Just look at the rapid collapse of several glaciers over the last 30 years. The people that deny global warming on television are usually right wing nut that use a guy they paid that calls himself a scientist to take a photo of the ice caps and say ‘most of it is still there’. You are smarter than this @Yank come on.


So address the real problem not the end results.

World population growth. Less people less pollution.

Cutting emissions a little bit is a band aid when you ignore the real problem.


Lol. This is a total troll topic.

A couple of years ago, there was a scientific peer review of climate data. Over 11,000 scientists from around the globe participated and they were tasked to analyze the data to determine if climate change was happening and if it was at least in part, caused by man. All but 6 of the 11 thousand plus scientists that participated concluded that man-made climate change was occurring.

That is a scientific slam dunk, folks. If I went out into the street and asked 11,000 people, “What is 2 + 2?” I’m pretty sure that all but about 6 of them would answer “4”. Lol


We need to continue funding to find another planet.

And regardless if warming is man made or part of a natural cycle it simply makes sense to not waste resources no matter how plentiful, reduce our carbon footprint reduce pollution, increase sources of alternative energy.

Its just the right thing to do.


Would you be open to a ten percent increase in your income tax to support global warming solutions pfunky?


it is intellectually dishonest to put any flat number on it but depending on the solution if this 10% would decrease negative events or costs of using polluting energy why would we not do this?

it is ignorant to ignore regardless of the cause, finding alternative sustainable solutions will benefit us down the road on several fronts.

do you put money in a retirement fund? why do you do that?


In that case, this would make sense.


What would you estimate the cost to be Steve?
How much for how many years?
Or would the added percentage, whatever it would be, become perpetual?
Don’t we already spend a considerable amount with our various agencies to advise us how to lessen or eliminate the problem already?
What are the true solutions without quantifiable tax burden to our citizens?
Since we are hardly replicating ourselves would it be fair to tax undocumented (illegal) workers, or legal immigrants for the added burden they are adding to our problem?

How about we propose an added tax to the billions of people in India and China where most of the problem really originates?
How would they respond to this proposal?

Com’mon Steve, spit out the answers.


I think it is inaccurate to just randomly pick something as a solution like a tax when the fact is we have signed an agreement with 174 other nations including China and India and the EU.

I have not seem that Congress has ratified the Paris Agreement yet (the goal was simply stated as 2016) so that is disappointing will probably take the Democrats to get this done after the election again, but there are mechanism’s in place to create funds for specific purposes to pay for nations to be able to take the actions specified in the Agreement.

The world changes. Old technologies get replaced with newer technologies.

The answers are not the problem we know what the answers are.

We just need the guts to take action.


You need to have the guts to pol those 1100 scientists to come up with a hard number.

You never have and you never will put a real number on your problem.

Why don’t you cut off your AC and turn off your internet so you can be part of the solution and not part of the problem. It’s probably pretty hot today in Boston but you can live with it to help solve your problem.

Com’mon Steve, help us out.


Thats what I said in another thread to a specific, quantifiable question… “Dance Stevie Dance”


The agreement is not all encompassing I don’t know it would be realistic to expect such but it does call out specific numbers on several areas.

I don’t know that we need to cut out everything if we are carbon neutral that is where carbon credits come in. As far as me I have solar on my house and this summer the electric company has paid me. AC and internet and all.

So we know what net neutral is.

Its just the right thing to do.


I’ve lived in a passive solar house since 1981 so you are way behind and owe me big time Stevie.

Turn off your AC.


my system is newer.


Why should I turn off my AC I am using renewable clean energy?

your answer is illogical.


Your neighbors using fossil are paying for your AC usage Steve. Don’t you feel guilty?


Why would he… he has been out panhandling and strongarming his neighbors for a long time… It comes with the territory of being a liberal… give me, give me, give me… @Steve never flinched when Kennedy said ‘ask what you can do for your country’… he immediately took to the streets hat in hand…


he’s a republican.

I feel sorry for him.



Have a nice weekend leech.


Steve lives under the misunderstanding that he is the forgotten man. Have a nice weekend Scott.