Climate Change


Who?..Who’s Steve?..


Progressives have no guilt taking from their neighbors no matter how poor.


first of all what is with the 12 year old name calling and what the heck are you talking about???

why would you call me a leech?


You probably used heating oil arranged for by those two a-hole buddies Teddy K and Hugo C. Supplied under the CITGO banner that is so proudly displayed behind the Green Monster.

Now you feed off centrally planned energy credits paid for by hard earned dollars of your neighbors many of which live in cramped apartments (which can’t support solar panels) and like our friend Ty-foon are so mentally stressed about supporting himself (very honorable) that he can’t imagine finding a wife and having kids (the singular most natural act know to man). All brought to you by progressive nannies who just like you think you know what’s good for the various classes of people you "care about."
Marxist indoctrination.

Yes Steve, you are a modern day leech feeding off the forgotten man.
Go read the book.


Actually it is Joe Kennedy, and he is still running Citizen’s Energy helping thousands of people get affordable heating oil. I know he and his organization make a big difference to those he helps.

Learn more at Joe-4-oil.

you make a lot of stuff up but man, that was pretty funny.

Thanks for the laugh!



Have the Kennedy ’ s arranged for those dirty old wildmills off the coast of their compound yet? Oh, I forgot, those dirty old windmills only belong in view of the lower classes of proles.


geez friend, you really need to back off the caffeine. Cape Wind is approved.


Major Project Milestones To Date
:black_medium_small_square:Completed Federal and State Permitting; Cape Wind is fully permitted
:black_medium_small_square:Cape Wind issued first U.S. Commercial Offshore Wind Lease
:black_medium_small_square:Approved Construction and Operations Plan by the U.S. Department of the Interior
:black_medium_small_square:Turbine Supply Agreement with Siemens
:black_medium_small_square:Cape Wind has won 17 legal decisions in challenges brought by opponents
:black_medium_small_square:Two 15-year Power Purchase Agreements for 77½% of project output to National Grid and NSTAR, both approved by the Massachusetts Department of Public Utilities
:black_medium_small_square:Barclays Bank is Cape Wind’s Financial Advisor
:black_medium_small_square:Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, Natixis and Rabobank are the Lead Arrangers of Commercial Debt and will provide over $400 million in commercial debt
:black_medium_small_square:PensionDanmark will provide $200 million in Mezzanine Debt
:black_medium_small_square:EKF (Export Bank of Denmark) has made a $600 million funding commitment


now it seems they have some other problems with finding and who knows what it’s not really a big deal around here because they have received Federal Approval. But it also seems they may not go thru.

My point being at the end of the day the Kennedy’s had no influence in the decision.

I’m trying to like you but you have to speak to the current facts of the topic. but I will say you have all the “classic” conspiracy theory books down pat. 1984 is probably well worn.



“However, progress on Cape Wind stalled more than a year ago, when Gordon missed an important financing deadline and National Grid and NStar (now Eversource) walked away from their contracts to buy three-fourths of the project’s power. Gordon is still fighting for Cape Wind — he says he “eagerly anticipates” competing with other offshore wind companies — but the outlook remains uncertain at best.”

Don’t hold your breath. Many lawsuits are still outstanding.


Richard Barton

When Hugo Chavez died, his daughter Maria Gabriela, became the richest woman in Venezuela with a 4.6 BILLION inheritance. This money should belong to the people!


My condolences.

Best of luck


Come on Lou… Steve’s not so bad… you just have to remember that progressivism is as much a mental disorder as it a bathroom choice… The problem is, shrinks who diagnose such miladies are generally affected with the same disorder as they a strongly tied to the academics who think this stuff up…


You just hit the nail on the head! I think progressives like @SteveSPHR should form their own commune in the US and hand over all of their personal wealth to the collective. Then the group can determine what @SteveSPHR has to do each day, what food he and his family get to ear, when he can “retire” and how much he will get when he is too old or physically incapable of working to provide for the commune. Or, @SteveSPHR can just look at places like Venezuela and North Korea and learn what progressivism looks like in action.


The problem is that not that many scientists are coming out for Global Warming / Climate Change anymore. In fact over 31 THOUSAND scientists polled on the matter have claimed there there is no evidence to support man made global warming.

You can read that study here:

The problem I have with green house gases is that green houses gases consist of many different chemicals. Some of these chemicals have been spit out by volcanoes in a single eruption more so than all of man kind has put into the atmosphere. So if volcanoes have not created a sort of global warming - then how could man?

We could look at the glaciers melting in the last 30 years but I think we’d be better off looking at the lifespan of the Earth, which, by the way, is a lot longer than 30 years. This planet has gone into many ice ages and many hot periods.

The people who usually push for man made global warming/climate change are left wing nut jobs looking for a hand out. Notice how every time the topic comes up the Democrats are looking for funding for something. So it’s really just a call for the gullible to donate to the left wing’s power house.

The left wing has a very weak argument on this if you ask me.


regardless if warming is man made or part of a natural cycle it simply makes sense to not waste resources no matter how plentiful, reduce our carbon footprint reduce pollution, increase sources of alternative energy.

Its just the right thing to do.


If global warming is a fact and it’s attributed to man, It would make sense to limit the number of people on this planet.

Why put a band aid on an arterial wound as it just extends the time a little bit.

Where’s the left’s outrage over over populating the plant? When will they start programs limiting the world’s population? No it’s much more acceptable to say a windmill will fix it.



I realize that today we have a lot of air travel and movements of population but I find it strange that the Zika virus, first isolated in 1947 in Africa, is spread by a mosquito, we didn’t hear anything about it until about a year ago and now it is on 2 continents… in the western hemisphere…


From Will Harper](




Though humans have some impact, it is cyclic.