Clinton and DNC hired Fusion for dossier


I copied your post to prove a point . I apologize in advance .


US internal intelligence was compromised by the incoming Trump administration!!!

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I don’t know is that what you’re claiming???


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Leaks about the memo are starting to come out…


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:laughing: Yep , the fix was in …

Newly revealed texts between Trump-bashing FBI officials Peter Strzok and Lisa Page show the “fix was in” during Hillary Clinton’s email probe in 2016, Republican lawmakers say.
The latest batch of text messages between Strzok and Page, who were involved romantically, revealed their private conversations regarding Clinton – and their concern about being too tough on her during the investigation into her private email system use. The text messages indicate they were wary of a backlash from Clinton if she were to win the presidential election.


Ooops… speaking of the impending backlash… Let the flogging begin…


And GOP leaders said that there was a “secret society” within the FBI trying to ruin Trump. :roll_eyes: It was very entertaining watching Sean Hannity eat crow on that last night.


It would be nice if you would actually use sources… If you are talking about Hannity saying talking about the Trump/Mueller thing being a distraction… he isn’t kidding… Their is no relevance to anything in it. The president has the right to fire Mueller, one of his inner circle talked him out of it… so to hell what?


All this because Strzok wanted to get laid (can I type laid without getting flagged?). Very Clintonian, Billy would have approved I’m sure.


And the republicans with the help of most (not all, Shep’s head is straight) Fox News pundits, created a fictitious society within the FBI working to destroy Trump. The best was when Hannity was pushing the fake news when he was apprised by Henry, that Fox had confirmed the New York Times story. :blush:


Watching Hannity lately ? Tired of morning Joe and the numskulls ? :laughing::laughing::laughing:


Still not sure just what story you are talking about…


Prove it…


He has no proof just posts garbage with no proof.

But he feels justified in his beliefs.


Must work for the MSM…


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