Clinton and DNC hired Fusion for dossier


Just like your right to blab your mouth regurgitating the same tripe over and over again, I my not believe that gays as a social norm (something forced upon society with things like PC, hate laws and of course forcing business owners to hire and sell to people they do not like), they have the right to be left alone in the privacy of their own choices… That is a constitutional right that they, like you have…

I’ve said many times before that under our constitution, the battle to forbid state recognition of ‘gay marriage’ was lost on the first day…


Pointing out the FBI of old and now . Nothing has changed it still has tainted leadership in a troubled agency !


The president appoints the leadership.


Good point .
If at first you don’t succeed try try again !


Yeah, but he can’t fire the current leadership as there’s a little thing called obstruction of justice.


He can fire anyone he wants. He can also encourage the current inquisition that’s byproduct has been the exposure of Obama-Clinton era Deep State actors.

Let’s keep this going. Under a Democrat administration everything would have been covered up.


Ha, not so fast…


In spite of a massive cover up by the state department the FBI the justice department the facts are being exposed !
The charge of Russian collusion is a cover story in a attempt to hide the fact that all three agency’s spied on our President before and after the election !
Before the election the goal was to elect Hillary and after she lost they had to hide there illegal actions !


Lol. That’s what you wish.


And Comey , Obama , the DNC , Mueller , top FBI agents are ALL guilty as charged !!!


Another post with just your opinion where is the beef ?


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