Clinton and DNC hired Fusion for dossier


Where the hell is the half truth. The dossier was a bipartisan effort. Do you understand what opposition research is, or how readily candidates on both sides fund it?


You got a name to go with that accusation?.. I have yet to see a name in print … but we do know that poor, whoa is me, Hillary and her buds over at the DNC had their fingers in this without a doubt… we also got a pretty good idea how so many different news outlets seemed to know about it at once… Buzzfeed kind of spilled the beans… Yeah, vast right wing conspiracy my ass…


Their is a difference between opposition research and initiating such a pervasive smear campaign based on bogus tripe and getting your friends in the Obama administration and the FBI to run with said tripe… Of course the last part of that is pure speculation on my part but no less plausible that Trump colluding with Russia after such sweet relations existed between Putin and the Clinton’s… But we have investigations looking into those things as we speak… seems that more than a few are casting a suspicious eye at Mueller… and Rosenstein… and Holder as well as Comey… Got Popcorn?.. I do… but it is ok John… you are being a good syncopat… and a find defender of the Democratic oath… ‘Never Ever Admit Wrong Doing’… :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


Btw, today Trump said he knows which republican it was that funded the beginning of that dossier! :blush:


This is half the story ! “it was begun by a republican, shrug”.
Like most of what you seem to post slim on facts and long on commentary !


As has been brought up before- this doesn’t necessarily break laws unless it was used by Lynch/Comey/Obama to obtain a FISA warrant- especially if the allegations have no proof.


It was started by a republican and Trump says he knows which one. No half truth.

And no, my posts are short. You confuse me with a couple others here that make long posts that nobody reads.


I wouldn’t say he has much commentary either… Not much depth to what he … ‘contributes’…


Some people just don’t have the attention span…I get that John but as they say, the devil is in the detail…


Some people unlike you can actually read. And short comments with witty little quips do not add anything to the conversation.

Some people actually read to learn, which escapes you as you refuse to believe anything that conflicts with your beliefs. The perfect example is your refusal to accept that the GOP did not attempt to repeal the ACA. Yes they did attempt and did change some aspects of the failed plan.


For the last time it was started by a Republican ( when he read the tripe that was in it he fired them ) when Hillary and the D.N.C found it and took up the fake narrative they hid the funding from the Campaign Finance Law officials as legal fees at some point the F.B.I under Muller got involved and may have help fund this nonsense !

got involved in this farce


That makes sense, doc. Thank you.

I also would say that the constant denial by the DNC of their involvement with the dossier until they got a subpoena, while not illegal, looks very bad to say the least …


The republican involved did standard financial research on Trump and NEVER funded the Steel dossier , FACT !
Quack ,quack ,quack …



Well soft smelly shit doesn’t stack well . :laughing::laughing:
Quack ,quack ,quack …



Perhaps the organization that published the unverified allegations in the dossier should be held responsible.

BuzzFeed News became the center of a swirling debate over journalistic ethics on Tuesday after its decision to publish a 35-page document carrying explosive, but unverified, allegations about ties between the Russian government and President-elect Donald J. Trump.

The document, a dossier prepared by a former British intelligence officer hired by Mr. Trump’s political opponents, had been circulating among high-ranking politicians and some journalists since the fall. Intelligence officials recently presented a two-page summary of the allegations to Mr. Trump and President Obama, CNN reported on Tuesday.


Remember the FBI and Obama’s DOJ made a point to “brief” Trump on the dossier then they leaked it to the press . Enter the "Russian " fake collusion story and all the FISA warrants , wire taps , surveillance, then unmasking .


Why is it she cannot just shut up move to her NY home and let the country forget about her? Maybe work for Habit with Jimmy.

Instead we get speeches, interviews and of course her latest work, the book. An attempt to remain relevant?


NO, NO, NO !!! Hillary is the best thing that happened for the republican party , she was the BEST they had !!! We knew she was totally corrupt and we love the stupid shit she dishes out daily . Let the dems prop her up as the spokesperson for their failing party ! :laughing::wink::wink:


No, when it became apparent that Trump was going to be the nominee, it was no longer useful to him. In fact at that point it was only useful to one person, and he’s probably the one that turned her on to it.


I think it’s a combo of two things.

One is some sort of pathological need to shore up her legacy - to become more than just a historical footnote brought up by wonky types who like to discuss politics. She feels she’s a failure and doesn’t want to be remembered as such and it causes her to seethe. This part is on her.

The second, well tt53 says it best:

The righties won’t let her slip into obscurity. She’s the perfect Bread & Circuses/whipping girl to distract us from how inept the entirely Republican-controlled government/President Trump has been to this point. I mean, both parties are a corrupt mess, but HRC at least keeps the right-wing base distracted & angry - anything to delay the inevitable questions from the voters: When does construction start on the wall? When is the 1st installment from Mexico due? How come Obamacare hasn’t been repealed?

They better hope that they’re functional enough to pass some kind tax legislation. I mean, we’re talking tax cuts here, right? The one unifying issue among all Pubs. If they can’t, even HRC might not be enough of a distraction.

But yeah, Lou. I’m with you. She had her chance. Time for her to go away …