Clinton and DNC hired Fusion for dossier


It’s interesting to me that John McCain all of a sudden becomes critically ill right in the middle of this episode.


Well wasn’t that the way the black guy RULED ??? So you were outraged when Obama use the IRS as a gestapo weapon against those that disagreed with him . You were so outraged when Obama spied on 5 million Americans , When Obama taped American’s phones along with friendly World leaders ! You were outraged when Obama released terrorist from Gitmo , when he released drug dealers that are responsible for today opiate epidemic . :wink::wink: quack ,quack ,quack



CNN reported way back in January that the dossier was funded by both republican and Democrat interests. Opposition outreach is standard procedure amongst political candidates from both parties. Does it bother the right here that one of their own (rumored, Jeb Bush) funded the dossier damaging to Trump?? No, of course not, the partisan only sees one color.


He NEVER funded the Steele dossier that was the corrupt DNC , FBI , and above the law Hillary Clinton !!! quack ,quack ,quack…



The Russian inference is so hypocritical of the left it’s pathetic.

Dear lader went to England with the intent of influencing the Brexit election and our leftist babies said nothing.
Dear leader went to Israel to influence their election and the leftist said nothing.
Dear leader militarily assisted in the overthrow of the legal government in Libya and th idiots on the left cheers and look at what we have now.
Dear leader assists in the over throw of the Egyptian government and the left cheered.
Dear leader began the over throw of the legal government in Syria and look how that turns out, mass migration of people.

To thing another country may try and influence is totally unacceptable yt it was fine for l presidente Bamboozala to do it. Not to mention previous presidents.

Wha bunch of cry babies unable to accept the responsibility for their actions.


Just one more time… the ‘Dossier’ never saw Republican money…


Stevie John f-ing knows the truth but wants to regurgitate the liberal BS from , wait , wait THE C LINTON N EWS N ETWORK , now that really says something !! :laughing::wink::laughing:



I read CNN’s approval ratings were ** 2 ** The National Enquirer got a 32 . :laughing::laughing::laughing: quack ,quack ,quack …



Donald Trump Jr. met for 20 mins w/Russian adoption lawyer claiming to have REAL dirt on Hillary.

He realized it was a setup.

She had nothing and got paid nothing.

Liberals scream “collusion!”

Hillary pays millions for a dossier of fabricated sexually perverted lies.

They scream “opposition research!”


The grand jury has already cleared the first charges!!!

This investigation has far more evidence collected than just juniors meeting which he claimed (lied) was about adoption.

The FBI and the CIA have already confirmed elements of the dossier.


Have you notice the liberal press learned a new chant " OPPOSITION RESEARCH " ! Monday the informant will tell all , the bribes , kickbacks and the play for pay schemes and ALL involved , remember Mueller SUPERVISED the matter and the cover-up . Will Session remove Mueller ? Where has he been the last month ? It far time we rope in the bad guys !


Which elements might they be?.. they found the timeline of how the Democrats and Hillary Clinton used Russian information to smear Trump?.. peegate? what?..


And the amazing thing is the tripe continues with no link.


:laughing::laughing::laughing: Stevie John knows Mueller has NOTHING , now on to the real crimes …:laughing:


Provide a link proving that allegation

As to your grand jury:
As New York Judge Sol Wachtler said in 1985, “If a district attorney wanted, a grand jury would indict a ham sandwich.”

Grand juries are the prosecutor’s babies. They decide who gets picked, what evidence gets presented, and what gets left out. There’s no judge, no defense attorney, and generally a defendant only testifies in rare circumstances — his story is so air tight that there’s no down side in putting him in. There’s no necessity for unanimity among the 23 or so jurors, and the standard of proof is so low — that probable cause exists to believe a crime has been committed — anyone, for the merest hint of an offense, can get indicted.

Quit pretending is’t a monumental accomplishment.


Is that leak legal ??? :wink: waiting … never mind we know the answer ! :laughing: Quack
So how well did this 'INDEPENDENT NONPARTISAN, TIGHT LIPPED" Mueller do with the IRS targeting conservatives groups ??? How about Fast and Furious , AP spying , Lois Lerner ,the Clinton Foundation play for pay ,The Russian uranium deal , the threatening an FBI informant and gag order , Hillary’s private email server , The classified emails erased and the lies under oath , the 12 BILLION in $100 bills to Iraq that VANISHED , the HSBC money laundering scandal ? Why was Mueller referred to as a " DIRTY COP " because he ignored and in most cases covered-up wrong doing by the FBI , Hillary , Obama and crew ! Now he violates his sworn OATH by illegally leaking information to the C linton N ews N etwork CNN !!!


How do you know this a grand jury is sealed until a yea verdict is issued ?
Mueller has been in charge of the investigation into Russian interference in the presidential election and possible collusion between the Trump campaign and the Kremlin since May.
Any charge other then collusion between the Trump campaign and the Kremlin will be highly suspect of corruption in the office of the special prosecutor will be proven !


Because Mueller is leaking more and more which he swore he would not do under OATH ! The tight lipped no-nonsense guy leaked the indictments were issued and leaked the subject of this indictment is none other that Paul Manafort and the 13 wire transfers he made a few years ago . drip, drip, drip … 'INDEPENDENT NONPARTISAN, TIGHT LIPPED" my ASSS !


Don’t know what that means. A judge has the charges sealed. Presumably until there’s an indictment.


Do you think laws were BROKEN by Muellers leaks to CNN ? :wink: quack ,quack