CNN Attacks Grandmother Over Russia


CNN continues their race to the bottom. They went to this poor old grandmother’s house to purposefully harass her, dox her, and call her a Russian bot.


The thing here is that the left want us to believe that it was Russia who pulled people to vote for Trump. It seems to me that Immigration has been an issue long before the failed 1986 Immigration Reform Act and amnesty… Guns rights have been on the table before Russia went communist and long before it went Oligarch. Abortion has been an issue forever and has only escalated with the desire for women to kill a child at birth. Racism is a product and not a solution of the progressive movement and again has been around far longer than ‘modern’ Russian. The thing that changed with Trump is that people got their voice and started talking back to the nasty, intolerance people who have been name calling for decades. If anything, russia has been the perfect patsy for a left that has no ideas, no values and is looking for any way possible to divert attention away from the rule of law…


I watched that the other day, what a typical uninformed trumpian.


Your comments say everything about you.

Do you have any comments that are not hate comments?

Comments with correct information instead of media dumped propaganda?

It’s not a personal attack but a question?


I haven’t seem ole Micheal Moore coming out and proclaiming that it was Russians that lead his thoughts even if it was Russians who set up the event…