CNN Spreading Lies About Pepe the Frog


CNN had someone on their payroll MS-paint a bad resemblance of Pepe the Frog in a KKK hood. When you do an image search this image is nowhere to be found anywhere on the internet using a variety of search engines.

I also have no idea why would they make a new Pepe for this story when there are plenty of “racist” Pepes to choose from?

This is so confusing to me. It’s as though they want so much to be dishonest media, even when they don’t need to be, that they go out of their way to put a spin on something that already exists?

What a time to be alive.


Hmmm…One would think that given all the technology tools available to the biased CNN, they could have come up with a better rendition…

This comes off as crude but then maybe that was the intent?

Regardless, freaking out at a cartoon reminds me of another group that actually will use violence because of a caricature…


If only CNN dug as deep into Clinton’s shenanigans as they do into cartoon frogs we might actually have a real media.

Oh well.


They couldn’t do that… it might affect their ratings… LOL


Ratings? They have ratings?


Really, it is Clinton spreading lies about Pepe the Frog. CNN is just her toxic mouth piece.


The nyt just revisited the meme, and here is a dissection of that.

Source from nyt


CONFIRMED: the New York Times has absolutely no concept of internet culture.