CNN wonders if Barcelona van attack is 'copycat' of Charlottesville


There needs to be a massive and coordinated deluge on CNN personalities demanding they say publicly “Yes, all of Islam” after Barcelona given their week long “Yes, all white people and right wing America” after Charlottesville.


A hospital in Barcelona is also on fire now. Must be more white nationalist Muslims from Morocco.

The Communist News Network’s Wolf Blitzer felt there were many similarities between what happened in Charlottesville and Barcelona and that ‘people will be asking if this was a copycat.’ I think Wolf Blitzer, or his masters, are asking that in which case please retire, your brain is gone.


Thoughts and prayers to Barcelona. I am so sick of hearing thoughts and prayers from everyone. Mostly just a bunch a phony fakes who feel compelled to comment with the same old worn out bullshit… it’s almost as bad as virtual signaling.


REPORT: The Islamic Terrorists swerved back and forth across Las Ramblas pedestrian district in attempt to kill as many as possible.

ALSO: ISIS claims responsibility.


Right… ISIS is really taking its ques from a mentally unstable kid that read the wrong web sites. I don’t know how it could be a copy cat cause they used a truck… slightly smaller than the ones used in Nice and Berlin but hey, it was more maneuverable… slightly larger than the one used in the UK… better for impact… Stupid reporters never miss an opportunity to look like dumbasses… Oh yeah and their was also Stockholm… maybe he got the idea from watching CNN…


Islam is the real enemy. Dead little girls mangled in the streets.



Footage coming in from Nazi attack in Barcelona…


Revised Headline: Europe Experiences Outbreak of Neo-Nazi Dodge Challengers.


Why should we sympathize with Barcelona or other terrorist attack victims anymore?

We warned you about Islam. We told you this would happen.

You called us “Nazis.” You didn’t listen. You kept inviting them in. You brought this on yourselves.

Enjoy your diversity while we unite the right.


Actually it took only one person to destroy the sovereign borders of Europe… No matter what anyone else said Angela Merkel broke Europe just like Obama destroyed our border… And the EU being the non elected body that it is sees no reason to take control of the entire European border…


Finally figured out how to stop Fake News CNN alerts on my devices. While the World watches Barcelona, CNN sends an alert disparaging to President Trump. Their obsession is sick!


It seems things are escalating.


Terror-actor caught in Barcelona!

“Chris Pawley”

  • survivor of the Manchester bombings
  • also attended the Ariana Grande concert
  • visiting the Spanish city


It was a van…after this terrorist incident in Barcelona, we need to have a serious talk about vans. In fact anything with wheels, this just can’t go on.


What can I say about the Barcelona attack that hasn’t already been said.

Any objective person watching the reaction to Charlottesville vs Barcelona can only conclude that the left wants less white people and more Muslims to replace them.


It was a self driving WHITE van. This is clearly connected to white supremacists. The innocent Muslim behind the wheel could not control the WHITE power of the van.


Remember when Geert Wilders was convicted of “hate speech” because he told the truth about Moroccans?


There was another attack in Catalonia - police acted quickly.


So, the vans in Spain were supposed to be loaded with explosives from the bomb factory south of Barcelona to maximize damage. Look for more attacks on the horizon. This is what happens when you let anyone inside your borders.


Yes and while all of this is going on, ABC news (owned by CNN) is busy comparing the terrorist attacks in Spain to conservative protests against illegal immigration!