CNN wonders if Barcelona van attack is 'copycat' of Charlottesville


Barcelona is no surprise. We will continue to see these attacks throughout the world, where ever Muslims gather. Their toxic death cult can exist in the desert where they live if they want it that way, but that shit doesn’t belong here in the USA.


The media on Charlottesville: “Call it what it is - White Supremacy!”

The media on Barcelona: “Don’t jump to conclusions. Can’t be Islam.”


The fall of Europe lays at the feet of Merkel and Juncker. All the victims are their victims. All the terrorism is their fault. All the blood is on their hands. All the cultural destruction is on their heads. The reckoning will come and it will not be pretty.



THIS is how we slay the intolerant, oppressive and violent left… call them out and make them acknowledge the foul deeds of their brotherin…

Of course, if we are to be truly honest about the matter… we need to deal with the sins of the right as well…


Religion of Peace Strikes Again


This is one of the many reasons for Brexit… Britain was blocked for years of a street preaching Imam who not only spewed hate, but got his livelihood and housing from the state…

Reports suggest Abdelbaki Es Satty, the imam thought to have acted as the Barcelona terror attack’s mastermind, should have been deported from Spain in 2014 after completing a prison sentence — but judges accepted this would breach his human rights.