CNN's ACOSTA Banned by Secret Service - Revokes WH Press Pass


Reason: laying hands on a female intern as she attempted to retrieve the microphone to give to the next reporter that had been picked for the next question. I can’t WAIT to hear what the NPCs say about this. They will totally gloss over a young woman being manhandled aggressively by an angry, self-entitled, male reporter.

I’m popping popcorn for this Pilot episode of

"Hypocrites in the House"

Tonight’s Episode is “Acosta Accosted” Where little Jimmy Acosta is attacked brutally by a female Nazi Storm trooper while trying to do his holy job to say Orange man bad.

Tomorrow tune in for Part 2 “That’s not a real female” Airtime TBA


“This wasn’t her first attempt to assault little Jimmy, she tried a few times, the man was fighting for his life!!”
a NY Times reporter commented anonymously.


Long past time. Acosta has always attempted to stir up the newsroom and is generally very rude. Most always a question is asked and then a follow up to that question is asked… The Caravan had nothing to do with Acosta’s follow on of Mueller in the first place and in the second his original question was only asked to give him the toe in to state his own opinion… He is a poor reporter in the first place and wears his bias and anger for everyone to see. I think the press room will be a better place without him…


This jerk has NO manners and should have been banned a year and a half ago . Acosta isn’t a journalist by ANY means !!!


He pushed her arm down. Pushed. Maybe no malicious intent but … is that the standard today ?


lord knows if a right wing reporter pushed the arms of a female mic holder , the left would have demanded the AG step in and have the reporter charged with assault.


Don’t forget the reporter who was ‘thrown to the ground’ by Lewandowski at a Trump rally… and camera angles showed she wasn’t even touched…


Notice that this kind of reporter sensationalism carried on with PBS reporter Yamiche Alcindor who asked Trump about his nationalism and white supremacist Patrick Casey being ‘invited’ to the White House…

And then the fact check:

The left will stop at nothing to twist the narrative… they are soooo bitter.


Maybe Acosta had one beer… just one.


nothing the left does surprises me , absolutely nothing

A bunch of pathetic and useless beings.


If they can implant a negative thought in one voter through their lies, they don’t care if there is later a retraction or pinocchio award. They know that some wont see the correction.

Also…Lies are like bullets. Not every one will hit the mark. You have to fire alot to make a difference. Progs know this.


Too bad Trump didn’t punch Acosta.It would make for GOOD TV. CNN should exile him to Point Barrow Alaska!!!:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::+1:


Naaa… that woman he assaulted should have broke his arm.


Now that would have been classic… grab his wrist and the mic while he is yapping at the president and put him on is knees… I mean, whats not to love…


With the final ‘touch’ of a heel on his neck


Imagine your job is to stop the media from asking fair questions. Are we in Nazi Germany?

This intern assaulted Mr. Acosta. She placed her hands on HIM. The only person guilty of anything is this intern for unwanted touching.


You can see at all times her hand was around the mic… she was doing the job she was told to do. As far as stopping the media from asking ‘fair’ questions… First of all, the president has no obligation to give press conferences. Second, and you know it is true, the arrangement has always been for a person to ask a question, get an answer and ask a RELATED followup question… Trump didn’t get his mouth open before Acostic interjected his opinion… thats not reporting and that was not an interview… secondly the followup, which the president had no obligation to allow, had absolutely nothing to do with the caravan question… He deserved the boot long time ago and had he been in front of Obama or Obama’s people, at a minimum he would have had his credentials pulled and at worse, he would have been investigated…(covertly of course)


They were not real questions.
Do you think they were real questions?
Why did you call them real questions?
Do you think that any set of words that ends with a question mark is a real question?
Are you just making up shit?
Do you know that I think you are just making up shit?



If cnn asked obama a tough gotcha argumentative question then you might have a point … but they never did


This clod accused Trump of obstructing justice in Turkey over that Saudi assassination

The only thing fired up there is a bong



thanks for making me laugh. I saw that news conference start to finish and was LOLg hard…

mostly @ Trump… love that guy’s w ay of blasting those knuckleheads… simply by stating the truth, the obvious freaking truth!




the poor dude…

guess he got tired of Fox News getting all the viewers… had to pull a stunt…