CNN's ACOSTA Banned by Secret Service - Revokes WH Press Pass


The White House releases a carefully edited video meant to discredit Acosta.More Dirty Donald daily lies!!!


Lol edited!? Haha how do you edit contact? What if that was mike obama? You would lose your mind


I predicted this hypocrisy last night…right down to the “female storm trooper attacks little Jimmy Acosta” You really don’t mind how STUPID people think you are do you?


no, Acosta has accomplished that all by himself

Losers tend to that.



have asked myself the same of these bizarre off the rails libs… they don’t care how dumb and childish they look… (not to insult children or anything… sigh… got to find a better comparison…)


LINK TO SAID VIDEO…this is the 3 rd time Ive heard it this morning yet I cannot find that video. LINK TO VIDEO PLZ you parrot.


Acosta manhandled the intern - simple


All you ANTI-TRUMPERS, go hide under Nincompoop Nancy and Mad Maxines dress!!! President Trump is the first one not to put up with the Leftist Press attempts to provoke him with questions. Acosta let his over-inflated ego create the scene.
The Leftist Press asked Sheik Hussein Obama softball and fluff questions for his full term


and they’re still doing it… so disgusting (interviews on late night shows)

I was once accused of being narrow minded and not wanting to know “the other side of things” bc I only watch Fox News and only read the Wall Street Journal. I guess I am supposed to imbibe ccnsocks and their don’tEvenBother2HideIt Bias and lies?

now why in the name of… would a person do that? I mean, you know, people who don’t like violence (for example) do not watch the Friday the 13th movie…

and people who like themselves do not watch cnnsocks





that is hilarious (the big baby Acosta). Where’d you get it?


This is a meme from way back when they had children in cages protesting Trump for separating children but it was Obummer who started it.


i remember that…

But the libs conveniently forgot how the mothers themselves were mistreating their children by bringing them to another country illegally, a place they’d never been b4… etc…

funny how selective the old lib “mind” and heart (ha ha to that) can b


He didn’t lay a finger on her in the unedited real video.


Dirty Donald said everything would have been fine if he had grabbed her by the pussy!!


how they allow you keep posting is truly a mystery, youre a scam artist and dirtbag , who isnt here to debate , you are engaging in the Saul Alinsky method.

You are a minister of false propaganda…

Minister Falcon.

you lying scum marxist.


That is total bullshit.

Minute 1:28 to 1:31.

Don’t tell me he didn’t lay a finger on her.


It is true that his fingers did not touch her. However, he used his wrist to push her arm down and then grasped the mic again with both hands.

He is a turd in a suit, pretending to be a journalist.

There was no ‘doctored’ video released by the White House.


Horse shit, there was nothing fair or legit about his questions and his time was over. The girl didn’t try to take the mic from him until the president had shut him down and moved on to other questions from other reporters.

She didn’t assault him in any way, she simply put her hand on the mic to take it as is her job.

Acosta then accosted her and is paying the proper price.


He blocked her first three attempts to take the mic with his off hand/forearm.

The video isn’t “doctored”.