Coach Travel Of The Future?


Well lower fares and allow for 20% more coach capacity… Oh… and you no longer have to worry about those cramped knees again…


What are they going to do about fat people? They can’t stand for more than 10 minutes without getting winded and they wouldn’t fit inside these footprints. Also, more people means more weight. Do I get to have even less luggage now too?


Fat people wont be able to fly. Gotta lose weight if you want to get somewhere quick!


Airlines are private companies. If they want to offer standing room only then the free market should decide the success of that business model. I would take advantage of something like this if I could get dirt cheap airfare and fly back and forth to work everyday and live somewhere really nice.


They can always purchase “First Class” seats…and leg room…and free drinks.

Where do the designers intend to place the fold down food trays?


Business class :joy:


An interesting thought.

Should a person that is of normal weight be charged the same as a person that wight twice as much?

Isn’t it about the cost to get from point A to B the premise of travel. If it costs twice as much in fuel for a 300 pound person vs a 150 pound person should the 300 pounder be charged double??


Except for government regulations.


I once saw a man that purchased two adjacent seats so he could fold up the arm rest and rest one ass cheek on each.