Colin Kaepernick Travels ‘Home’ to Ghana on Independence Day


My most sincerest words to Colin… Live Long… Be Happy… Stay There…


What a phony piece of s**t !


The race baiting industry is the only industry in the US that has seen a resurgence over the last eight years, so I guess Obozo did something…


He is an idiotfor being the champion of a nonsensical cause that has no basis in reality


I’m sure he will excel in the thriving Ghana Football League.


:sweat_smile: lolololololop


The media should stop using the title quarterback for this ding bat. Kaepernick plays quarterback for the same number of NFL teams that I do: Zero.


Kaepernick so desperately wants to be Black. Hating Whites is the only way to do it, even though Whites gave him everything he has. Stay in your new “home” Kaepernick. Encourage other like-minded Blacks to follow.


I have no problem with Colin Kaepernick going to Ghana.

I have a big problem with him coming back.