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Why Did We Not Call Out Man With Gun Fake News Child Molester Clinton?
John Podesta Attacks Duke Student Over Pizzagate
Oh Dear.... #METOO!

The media is starting to pick up on this @nord



Looks like something is going down. I hope all of these sickos get indicted and locked up for the rest of their lives.


@Clutch - They shut PizzaGate down on reddit.


I just saw this video this morning after my brother-in-law was talking about Pizzagate and sent me the link. My brother-in-law does not follow politics at all but he even knew about this. There is something seriously weird going on here.


The media is going full force to descredit the citzen investigation of pizzagate. Since the media has been worong about every damn thing this year, why should anyone listen to them now? All they say is “pizzagate is ridiculous” and that “people should stop” why the hell aren’t they trying to debunk the following:

  • What is the wikileaks Podesta Pool Party
  • What is James Alefentis doing on the Top 50 Most Influential People when he only owns a pizza parlor
  • What is Comet Ping Pong receiving money from a George soros superPAC
  • What is $65,000 of pizza flown in from three states over for Obama’s fundraiser
  • What is the band Sex Stains doing at a parents-n-kids pizza parlor
  • What is Comet Pizza’s mass media article comparing Pizzagate with Hillary’s health ‘rumors’
  • What is Podesta’s incredibly disturbing art collection
  • What is Jeffrey Epstein’s island resort
  • What is the pseudonym “J’aime L’enfents” doing in the Washington Post like anybody could take that seriously
  • What is celebs posing with small children in photographs from the mock-cannibalism sex party attended by Lady Gaga
  • What is Nambla’s symbol doing on menus from Comet Ping Pong connected pizza chains
  • What is the point of “pizza, plain, nothing on it”
  • What is so difficult for a high-ranking politician and Hollywood fixer to obtain that you need to courier it in by plane from the other side of the US
  • What is Wiener’s private life insurance stash

Oh, and let’s not forget that Breitbart had dirt on this in 2011 before he mysteriously died.


and you guys say the left promotes fake news???

what a study in I don’t know what this thread is but it is messed up.



A man was arrested Sunday after carrying a rifle into a Washington, D.C., pizza restaurant that had been at the center of an internet fake news hoax during the presidential campaign, city authorities said.

The man, identified as 28-year-old Edgar Maddison Welch of Salisbury, N.C., possessed what police described as an assault rifle inside Comet Ping Pong, a pizza restaurant in an upscale neighborhood of northwest Washington. Police received a call around 3 p.m. about a man with a weapon, and he was arrested shortly thereafter, said Aquita Brown, a spokeswoman for the Metropolitan Police Department.

The suspect pointed the weapon at an employee of the restaurant. The employee fled, and the suspect fired a shot inside the establishment, police said. No injuries were reported. Two firearms were recovered at the location, and another in the suspect’s vehicle, police said. The man was charged with assault with a dangerous weapon.

where is the outrage on the right and the Trump Organization???

don’t be cowards speak out against this dangerous Fake News has REAL consequences.

Why was the board silent on this today?

C’mon America…Grow Up…and Speak Out!

Don’t ry to out point one side or the other that is juvenile…the amrk of a 12 year old…this one had REAL action and it could have been deadly.

so drop the political mantles and speak out as a unified group against this.

and pledge to stop posting the cartoons and other BS and garbage from these hate sites…it doent make your point it just makes the case look like hate.

Because it is.

so I say we all commit to calling this out anywhere it occurs.

because if we cannot agree to do this…then we should all be totally fully ashamed of ourselves. for we then have nothing to offer to the betterment of society and the world and that would be pretty disgusting.

Step up and call this out where ever it occurs, not just one side, wherever it occurs. Stop keeping score and start keeping track of how many right actions we take every day for ALL people not just one side!!!

its up to us.


You should not speak of things that you do not understand. We all have television and don’t need you to parrot what you hear about “fake news” from the mainstream media to us.


Here the deal Steve… at least with me. This was not news that had crossed my radar so my lack of expression had nothing to do with avoidance. As far as this shooting issue goes it was minor. One shot, no one hurt and arrested without incident… so it wasn’t big news and it didn’t even show up here.

Now I know you want to press the ‘fake news’ angle… or at least the fake news that inspires your outrage. But there is a bigger issue here is the ‘real news’ that isn’t talked about. The fact is, this … pizzagate came from a talked up conspiracy about coded words in ‘real emails’ Now this is most probably (I say that because one can never say never) the subject of fertile and overactive imagination. But these emails were not the first to be laid before the American Public. Some had real implications for the honesty and sincerity of the Democratic Party as is sought public approval for its policy. Pay for play, foreign influence, DNC’s deliberate work against Bernie Sanders, discussions about which e-mails should be deleted from Clintons server, and on and on. Democrats first called the e-mails ‘fake’ yet no one denied their authenticity and then rather than talking about the substance, the deflection was about who hacked the account.

To me, we can talk about the dastardly way in which this information came to light and that is a legitimate subject but to ignore and deflect real issues in a ‘If we don’t talk about it, it will go away’ kind of strategy creates the kind of atmosphere of conspiracy that indulged the ‘pizzagate’ conversation.

We have lots of polarization in the US and the only way to fix that is to address the very real reasons for those differences… Honesty and Integrity are important and little white political lies lead to an atmosphere where selling access to our government whether it is democratic or republican, is brushed off as nothing of importance with the rationalization that the means, regardless of what they are, are justified by the ends. You know as well as I do that these issues are important and relevant but the polarized drive to elect ‘our’ guy from ‘our’ party prevents people from admitting and addressing them… Societies do not function in that air of deception, dishonesty and denial… they don’t work well when people are told who they must like either…


people posted this garbage on this very site as if it were real.

that is irresponsible, negligent and when someone is harmed it will be on those people who think this is a game in their small minds.

if people don’t take honesty in our news seriously then they don’t deserve the freedom generations fought for.


And yet Pay for play, foreign influence, DNC’s deliberate work against Bernie Sanders, discussions about which e-mails should be deleted from Clintons server, paid operatives starting trouble at Trump rallies seemly have no affect on our society or our view of right and wrong… dropping head, slowly shaking it side to side as I walk out of the room and gently SLAM the door…


Scott if you cant call out this you cant stand up for anything.

you are slave to your own liberal hate.

it consumes you until you are blind to the simplest common sense.

start your own thread if you want to deflect the subject.

it wont go away no matter how hard you try.


@SteveSPHR care to share with us how many of Podesta’s emails you actually read?


care to share with us anything you have that is true for a change?


You started the thread my man. All you can say is “fake news”?


prove it man.

its BS and you know it.

if you are defending it prove it.

we cant prove something that never happened man.

put up or …well…you know the rest…


Pay for play, foreign influence, DNC’s deliberate work against Bernie Sanders, discussions about which e-mails should be deleted from Clintons server

Care to show me where any of them were denounced… denied as being untrue… or even questioned by the left… no… because someone said it was a Russian plot… Care to share with us anything you have that is true… for a change? The mock rage is more funny than anything Steve… of course no one whats to see violence perpetrated as a result of some made up story… and yet some people don’t see the rage that spawns the crap in the first place.

Podesta, Clinton Server, crimes paid for at Trump rallies all occurred before pizzagate… but then again so did Bills close relationship with a known pedophile…


they were exposed publicly and people lost their job Scott.

are you serious???

the inability to get off anything liberal is pathetic.