Comet Ping Pong, Podestas, Pedophilia


But it’s just a family friendly pizza shop @SteveSPHR what’s wrong? All of this is sooooo normal! I was the one who was wrong. I’m just trying to show you!


Keep it up Ty. Steve has been asking for this all day. Show him how normal Comet is.


posting garbage does not improve your lack of credibility.

its messed up in the head.


3 minute summary video:


get some help…


The pictures are from the Comet Ping Pong and the Jimmy Comet Instagram accounts. What’s the problem? I though this was all normal and that this was just a fun and family friendly pizza place for kids? What’s up @SteveSPHR?


read the title friend.

fake news and those who promote it are lunatics.

get some help.


Man, how much is David Brock (founder - Media Matters/Correct the Record) paying you to stick up for his ex-boyfriend Jimmy Alefantis (owner - Comet Pizza)?

Are you guys hiring? I can shitpost for money too.


let me help you since you two don’t even know what lies youa re posting anymore.

the Clintons or Podesta have nothing to do with any molestation.

do you understand that small fact?

anyone posting anything suggesting such is a nut.

stay focused I know you struggle with the details.

try to show a modicum of integrity for once will you?


Thanks for Correcting the Record, $0.08 has been deposited into your PayPal account.


I’m so silly. This is all so above board. What was I even thinking. I should be a good thoughtless drone and lap up everything the mainstream media feeds me.

Oh - here is an archive of Jimmy Comet’s instagram photos:


I don’t see anyone named Steve yet. I’ll keep looking.


The problem for people like @SteveSPHR (who can’t even bother to update his automated shillbots’ copy/paste function and is too lazy to even switch proxies) is that he fails to recognize that these Comet Ping Pong peculiarities is that they only come INTO CONTEXT with the Podesta email leaks.

Let’s turn our attention back towards the emails too – the fact that Podesta and these elites are flagrantly using code words like “pizza” to indicate pedophilia becomes clear when you read ALL the emails IN CONTEXT.

Sure, a handful of suspect instagram posts can be explained away on a case-by-case basis. But when keeping in mind Podesta and literal world leaders are discussing “sharing one slice of pizza for 8 people” and what to do with a “pizza-related map” left on a handkerchief would give any rational person pause.

These code words, evidence of which is empirical and can be found in Wikileaks, LEAD to Pizzagate. Now that we have the context, we can see that certain particular pizza places, and also ping pong places, serve as meeting locations for sick pedo elites.



Why did Jake Tapper have such an outburst today over PizzaGate? Very strange.


i don’t want to insult your intelligence but if you are serious I really doubt you have any.

this is just asinine.

I cant take you seriously and frankly have no more time to waste on such lunacy.

its dishonest and dishonorable action.



should we call someone for you?


Call your boss Podesta. I found a handkerchief with a map that is pizza related.


now you are going totally round the bend because your fake story has been proven a lie.

you know the sad part? the really, really sad, pathetic part of all of this?

I enjoyed reading your stuff mostly until now when you went batshit stupid and that is what this move was.

the problem with what you did is REAL PEOPLE are getting DEATH THREATS, business owners and the Pizza owner himself…WHO VOTED FOR TRUMP…and they just want to make a living on their own, not asking for help from anyone.

The pizza owner has put two kids through college becayse he believes his kids should earn their jobs.

now he says if the threats continue he may have to shut down. the police have said to call them but there is not a lot they an do…until something HAPPENS…

All because some asshole with shit for brains thought it would be funny to create some 7 levels to Kevin Bacon asinine conspiracy that surely no one but a complete idiot would think real.

well, golly gee, Andy…looky who thinks this is real…a whole bunch of people.

and they are all idiots playing with peoples lives and livlie hoods.

but you don’t care. because its not you or your loved ones. for if it were you would be squealing like a pig about this.

stop it. it is dishonorable conduct. and you should be ashamed.