Comet Ping Pong, Podestas, Pedophilia


You have been spouting off all day about how everyone is disingenuous and how everyone has had to “prove” the pizzagate allegations to you. You asked for it. Man up.


you posted fake garbage.

man up yourself and educate yourself on the topic.

you posted lies. friend. none of it is true.

what does that make YOU?

I really feel bad I did not want to have to be so firm but you kept at it like some kid.

your conduct is dishonorable friend. dishonorable.

man up yourself for once.


I posted pictures from the Instagram accounts from the owner of Comet and his staff. Is that fake?

I posted emails from the Podesta wikileaks. Are those fake? The Clinton campaign never denied them, they just said Russia did it.

Don’t feel bad. I’ve been using the Internet for a while. You aren’t the first cyber bully I’ve dealt with and won’t be the last.

My conduct? You lack the intellectual depth to actually argue the points with most people here. Instead, you turn to insults. There were a bunch of liberal threads posted today and you didn’t weigh in on any of them. Why? Too advanced? Instead, you weigh in on posts that you disagree with and stop conversations before they can even start.

The only dishonorable and dishonest behavior is yours.


you are being led around like a cow with a bell thru the nose son. you posted fake garbage.

read this …


Despite the complete lack of physical evidence or victim testimony, there are reasons why the hardcore conspiracy theorists are particularly sensitive to allegations of child sex abuse.

It’s known, for instance that Bill Clinton and Donald Trump flew on the private plane of convicted child abuser Jeffery Epstein. Tony Podesta, the brother of the Clinton aide whose emails were hacked, was a friend of Dennis Hastert, a Republican politician who earlier this year was sentenced to 15 months in prison, and has admitted abusing boys. The Jimmy Savile scandal in the UK has featured in speculation as an example of a serial child abuser getting away with his crimes.

Viren Swami, professor of social psychology at Anglia Ruskin University, says “pizzagate” might well be an example of a trend in a hyper-partisan America, where conspiracy theories become fodder for political factions.

“What’s happening in the US over the last year or two is that conspiracy theorising is being deployed as a political weapon,” he says. “And that’s a very big change in the way that conspiracy narratives are being used.”

The saga has prompted debunkers by the New York Times and Fox News, among many others, but no factual news story has slowed the torrent of Tweets from the true believers.

“There is some evidence that presenting critical information can reduce belief in a theory, but only among people who have not made up their minds yet,” Swami says. “For the people who have already made up their minds, it probably won’t change anything.”

Other stories have fuelled the rumours and prompted claims of a cover up. For instance, Reddit deleted a “pizzagate” thread - the page now reads “we don’t want witchhunts on our site” - and its CEO admitted altering posts made by Donald Trump supporters.


there is a lot more both here from the BBC though I am sure you think they are liars and is a better source for your fake story that is hurting real lives.

there is a lot more from REAL news outlets 100%

let me repeat it …son…100%…call your story a LIE.

it is a LIE.

and you should be ashamed for involving children and promoting the attacks on real people.

this is really totally wrong dude.

your conduct is totally wrong.

I cannot at all not only not support it but I feel compelled to speak out loudly against such hate and lies and just mental deviant behavior that was exhibited here today.

this is just wrong.

if we have any soul left as Americans and our Veterans…then you guys have to stand up against such HATE you cannot look at yourselves in the mirror especially as veterans having put your lives on the line and yet sit back silently as this kind of LIES HURT INNOCENT AMERICANS…

that is so dishonorable …I don’t know how you can look in the mirror if you support such awful awful propaganda.

I want no part of anyone who supports such hate and lies. I am ashamed of anyone who ever wore the uniform that promotes such hate as these fake stories that hurt real innocent people.

it is one thing to be ignorant, and ignorant person doesn’t know…but can be taught…but a stupid person goes right to the bone.

which one are you, son? you have to make that decision I can help educate but I cant make the decision for you…stop following other stupid people and decide…to learn the truth.

otherwise you will be that crazy guy at the end of the road…

its up to you.

I made up batshitcrazy web site how many of you clicked on it? HAHAHA…see how easy it is to get a crowd to follow anything???

you are easy.


So you post an article with a circular argument in which the conclusion is included in the premise and then resort to ad hominem attacks. Understood.


@Tyfoon that was actually a blog post not a news article, so technically it’s an opinion piece. This explains the “begging the question” format. Just an observation.


I posted the truth.

you are posting lies that are resulting in death threats to real people son.

stop it. this is not a game.

you took this way overboard today and I feel so strongly about how wrong this is I am willing to sacrifice my membership to this board over it.

this kind of hate is fales and it is wrong. it is so wrong.

I would like to see you stand up in the future against such lies and I would be your biggest supporter.

I like you (from what anyone can in a limited BB,) but this sequence today disturbed be …a lot. a real whole lot.

and its wrong.

so…i’m going to drop it. and I hope you do too.

and we can both move on and I really look forward to reading more from you because it is CLEAR you have a lot to say and I really DO want to hear it.

so thanks, dude…we’re good…have a good night and we’ll spar again and it will be fun!

Best to you my friend. I mean it.



This is the most bizarre thread I think I’ve ever read on a political forum … & that’s saying something.

If you all believe the “Pizzagate” kiddie porn stuff, well, I got nothing. You’re unreachable. I’m really hoping you’re just trolling Steve for fun.

And Steve, if you are so easily trolled, you should not be posting on a politics site.

Lol, smh …


it’s never ok to ignore or be silent when this kind of stuff comes up that is ho it gets promoted as truth.

when we hear hate we all need to speak out.

too much is at stake.

(love reading your stuff btw)


I think @pfunky2222 nailed it.

Thank you all for the entertainment today. I had several posts I wanted to make, but I got stuck here for too long.

I suspect the trolling label was accurate, and it was some of the best I’ve seen in a while. Hat tipped for creativity.



Just had a thought @SteveSPHR

So, by discussing the topic of PizzaGate, I am somehow personally responsible for some gunman going to Comet Ping Pong, but Muslims have ZERO responsibility for terrorism.


here is another thought…if you are promoting this as real you don’t know who is reading your crap.

the fellow they arrested was reading somebody’s crap wasn’t he?

we all need to remember something here this board is WIDE OPEN TO ANYONE who can read what we say.

you have no idea how some mentally ill person living in their mother’s basement playing video games 24/7 with access to an AR-15 will take what you think is a funny joke…hahaha…i’ll troll Steve it will be fun…

unfortunately, the power we all have to get any message we want around the world gives people power they never had before, don’t understand, and many times are unprepared to use it or control it.

take responsibility for your own axtions @nord, and I will mine. we all should.

I like conversing with you I sense you are a good man…I just don’t think many people …MANY people don’t realize the power the internet gives us.

all I know is the real result is that several REAL people, business owners…some who voted for TRUMP are having their LIVES threatened.

I just think we all need to take a step back here as ask ourselves…WTF???

we blame others too often when it is US who need to look at our own actions.

That’s what I think.

Thanks for your post.


This is relevant to precisely what you said… only the left went into a feeding frenzy over this pizza guy…


Interesting. Here is an article that says the gunman entering comet ping pong didn’t fire any shots, contradicting other accounts. When the MSM can’t get consensus on simple facts, why would we accept complex consensus on the PizzaGate issue?


first of all the daily news is akin to the Enquirer.

second dont these numbers bother you at all???

these people are lunatics. complete total idiots.

I cant take anyone like that seriously.