Comey admits polls determine who gets charged!


“I was making decisions in an environment where Hillary Clinton was sure to be the next president, my concern about making her an illegitimate president. “
Are the polls appropriate criteria for an FBI director to be using when making crucial decisions regarding illegal acts? Is Comey admitting he broke the law and failed his duty as FBI director ? Where are the “Republicans for the Rule of Law: 'Protect the Mueller Investigation’ ….on this issue ?


Don’t you get it? The swamp knows what’s good for the little people. The rule of law only pertains to we proles.


Democrats and Republicans agree that James Comey is guilty of politicizing the FBI and meddling in the 2016 election. Everyone can now see that he is guilty of self-righteousness, self-regard and inappropriately producing a petty cash-for-gossip revenge attack on President Trump.


And yet… no handcuffs. Perhaps time will slowly expose and indict the many people who met off campus with Comey and friends…


God will sort them out. Trust me on this. They will get exactly what they deserve.


Amazingly there wasn’t a need for President Trump to know the dossier was made up of FALSE information and who paid for it. Real Honesty!!
What a POMPOUS SELF -RIGHTEOUS ASS .Now he goes on a book to promote a book worse than HRCs . It should be in the same fiction with her book .What next. a book by McCabe claiming innocence???


Comey must pay for his crimes & go to jail. He ruined the trust in the FBI 4 ever. James Comey’s ABC interview sidesteps his shocking decision to break every rule and leak to the press.


You have high hopes for a corrupt DOJ and government.


Not so much high hope that they will have some grand trial but it seems the more they dwell on Trump, the more they expose their selves. Even if their are no indictments, ridding the government of people like Comey and McCabe and likely eventually Rosenstein and perhaps Strzok and Page while discrediting people like Clapper will have some cleansing effect. With the IG report, I expect more pressure to be put on Lynch and perhaps a real revisit of the Clinton server and even the Clinton Foundation… This thing with Mueller looking at some middle eastern benefactor to some foundation of Trumps will only raise the profile of the tens of millions raised from foreign sources while she was in office. It is hard to turn off the spot light when they are forced by their own hatred of Trump to leave it on.


Seems Trump was right again about the deep State and their connections with the decimination of fake news. Basically Comey has turned into a bad joke, along with Clapper.


The left lost their appetite to punish Comey once they seen the president was angry with him and wanted to fire him . It’s resistance you know ! :wink:


The people the president thought he could trust turned out to be the biggest backstabbing leaders and muddied by the nasty swamp !!!


Trump Derangement Syndrome.


Basically Comey has turned into a bad joke, along with Clapper.

Comey is the darling of the progressive left.


It would appear ANYONE who attacks president Trump is a daring of the left the bar is so very low these days !!


As we listen, again, to James Comey defending his actions, I think all the actors were fated to arrive where we are.

Hillary has been working in politics her entire life, so there was no way she would not try to win a presidential election. Bill grew up poor, and there was no way he would stay poor after being President. (Speeches, etc.)

Trump has been trying to achieve the elite status he desires for his entire life, and only being President had a chance of eclipsing his shaky businesses, bankruptcies, and sleazy reputation.

Comey had the unfortunate job of being the Law, balancing the need to protect process with the obligations to protect the participants. While I don’t worship him for the midnight ride to Ashcroft’s bedside, which I would say has a large of amount of turf-defense involved, I see the dilemma that was handed to him by the New York FBI sitting on the Weiner laptop until late October.

I think it is a fair claim that Hillary looked solid to win, and that for the same reason Obama was cautious about publicizing Russian activity, Comey was afraid of de-legitimizing a likely win. But as in the Ashcroft/Gonzales event, I think it’s also fair to say Comey had an eye on a future where he resigned instead of working for Hillary, so keeping Republican friends was in his interest. I can’t find it in myself to honestly fault either Obama or Comey for the caution, but in retrospect it is clear that both failed in that the event they hoped to protect did not occur, and may have been prevented by that very protection.

The irony of Trump announcing the election would be rigged, and he would only accept it if he won, is so obvious as to be too crude for a well-written play. The weirdly obvious love of Putin, the calls for help, the praise for various dictators and their actions (except when trading schoolyard taunts), and the history of seeking money and influence in Russia, are too obvious as well. This is not a Manchurian Candidate.

Nemesis may have had her eye on Trump since his youth, waiting for him to ask for trouble. World-class hubris combined with equivalent ignorance called her forth to prepare a fitting end. But Trump’s fall took a lifetime to set up, and it might take a while to happen.


Wow !! How can you talk about sleazy and not automatically think HILLARY ? I assume Bill meets your high standards as well ? :roll_eyes:

More like being a political weapon who totally disregarded the LAW ! Comey’s obligations were to the people and the law and not protecting anyone .

But Comey doesn’t seem to worry much about de-legitimizing an election NOW !


Only a lifetime? I say more like over 250 years. Like saying the country was great before Trump was elected… a post racial beacon of democracy. The focus on Trump, IMO, is not accurate. He is just along for the ride and just exposed the rotten underbelly of white privilege so pervasive in America. It’s a structural failure… a comedy of errors. Does anyone think that Jeb! or Ted Cruz, et. al., would have been any better for America other than just in style? In fact, I don’t see Trump as bad as the Reagan presidency or the Bush 42 fiasco for that matter. Democrats don’t mind conservative government as long as there is some facade of decorum? This predicted fall may never happen.

The over riding punch line that makes this comedy rather than tragedy, more dumpster fire than art, is that as criminal and obtuse as the Trump presidency has become, the Republican party just shrugs and says in unison: So, what? I don’t see any problem with tax cuts and wealth disparity. Crooked Hillary acid washed her hard drive and emails! Blah, blah, blah. Everybody looks the other way and focuses on the symptom, Trump, and not the disease, white privilege. And, if anyone thinks that somehow 67 Senators will upset the applecart, they haven’t been keeping up with current events.

I see the over riding tragedy, dear Brutus, as the failure of the Democratic constituency to stand up and fight for the long haul. The fault is not in our stars… Protests and walkouts are dramatic, but have no force of law. GOTV, anyone? And, a band aid of electing a populist progressive president without doing the hard work of electing the critical down ballot supporting players in off years is doing more harm than good. Just ask Ryan and McConnell how much Obama advanced a Democratic platform with a polarized opposition congress.


Comey’s ego overrode sound judgment is his willingness to leak and tolerate leaks among his inner circle. Leaking information concerning sensitive investigations is a violation of federal law . Comey was a KNOWN leader and a serial LIAR !!!
Comey’s now-infamous press conference in July 2016, when he acted contrary to 28 US Code Section 546, Section 9 of the United States Attorneys Manual and over 100 years of established practice between the FBI and the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ). He did this in declaring, without ever consulting with a DOJ prosecutor, that Hillary Clinton was un-prosecutable in the wake of a kid gloves investigation.
It is ironically Comey and his band – including McCabe, Lisa Page and Peter Skrozk (he of the infamous “insurance policy” again Trump being elected) – who will most likely be called as the first witnesses for the defense in any prosecution that the Special Counsel might bring forward.