Communism fails again in Venezuela


While truck heists have long been common in Latin America’s major economies from Mexico to Brazil, looting of cargoes on roads has soared in Venezuela in recent times and appears to be not just a result of common crime but directly linked to growing hunger and desperation among the population of 30 million.

Across Venezuela, there were some 162 lootings in January, including 42 robberies of trucks, according to the consultancy Oswaldo Ramirez Consultores (ORC), which tracks road safety for companies. That compared to eight lootings, including one truck robbery, in the same month of last year.

“The hunger and despair are far worse than people realize, what we are seeing on the roads is just another manifestation of that. We’ve also been seeing people stealing and butchering animals in fields, attacking shops and blocking roads to protest their lack of food. It’s become extremely serious,” said ORC director Oswaldo Ramirez.


The “wonderful success of socialism” in Venezuela: Bandits robbing vegetable trucks.


When people advocate for the same socialist policies in the United States they must conveniently forget about the current situation in Venezuela. Let this be a lesson to all socialist Berniebots. It has never worked and it’s never gonna work. People have resorted to cannibalism as well. But hey, the state will provide.


Venezuela isnt a communist country, nor a socialist country as the workers are not in charge

that have a political party that calls themselves the socialist party but they are far from socialists

They have a mixed economy with a heavy emphasis on central planning and big government.
(are you listening America)

If you dont want your country to end up like Venezuela ( DO NOT ALLOW THE BERNIE SANDERS or the LEFT WING ELEMENTS OF THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY to get near Congress.)

America is too damn important .


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